lower back

hi, ive been running for about a month now after getting over calf injuries. thankfully the calves are ok but i have to stop every 5 mins because of a pain at the lower spine. it seems to come on quicker when im running up hill.
thanks steve


  • Do you lean forward when running uphill? It could be that your core strength has suffered during your enforced lay off. Yoga or a gym ball may help.

    It may wear off after a while, or it may be worth visiting a physio to get some exercises.
  • I found the same recently in a fell race.

    Uphill puts a lot more strain on your back because you are extending your thighs much more... a bit like doing agressive squats with weights on your back in the gym.

    I agree with LozF. Stretching, using the gym ball (reverse reaches/stretches), and regular lower back manipulation or exercises will cure the problem.

    It really worked for me. I've had a bad lower back for 20 years because of rugby. In the past 3 years I cured the problem myself just by doing exercises at home.
  • SJ26,

    If you have had problems with BOTH calves recently, it is possible that they actually weren't calf injuries but related to nerve irritation from the developing back problem (obviously I don't know anything about the nature of your calf injuries).

    Are you seeing a physio about the calves or the back? If not it is probably a good idea to see one if you can.
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