Start Fitness Poor Service?

Put in an order with Start Fitness last week and the money was taken from my account straight away, I got no email or phone call to let me know that the trainers where not in stock.
I rang them to ask what was happening with my order and they told me the items where not in stock! They had my money for a week and did'nt bother mailing or phoning me to let me know.
I need the trainers for the Loch Ness marathon at the weekend so I've had to buy them from my local shop.
Has anyone had this kind of poor service from Start or is it just me?


  • Yes I've had a poor experience with them. Lots and Lots of people have not. I think we are the unlucky few.

    The start fitness cheerleading team will mobilise soon.

    BUT (and this is the important thing) you should never never use new shoes for a marathon. THey should be reasonably worn ni before the race. At least 100 miles I would say.
  • <shakes pom-poms and jumps up and down>

    I have had terrific service from Start Fitness over the years. They did slip up once, in a similar way to your experience Glideman, but then they sent me the newer model of shoe for the (much cheaper) sale model I had paid for. So can't complain too much about that!
  • I always run marathons & ultras in new shoes. They have more bounce when new ;) I know it's not really the done thing but it works for me :)
  • same experience for me glideman. ordered pair of shoes last sunday and paid extra for two day delivery. shoes didnt come and when i phoned they told me they were having to order the shoes in from america!! as they werent in stock. did they think to tel me this before? did they buggery.
    i should get them some time next week now, but if i'd known that i'd have got them somewhere else.
    still, i dont have to pay postage.
  • I have had brilliant service from Start Fitness - when stuff not in stock they have rang me and when they sent mens shoes in error they sent a load of freebie socks with replacement shoes to cover postage.
  • Had exactly the same experience as above with Start twice... when I called to query after a week they said they were out of stock. Their website doesn't semm to reflect what they actually have in stock
  • This is mail order for you I think.

    I've had great service from Star Fitness, but a strange mixed bag from

    3 weeks ago I ordered a Concurve running top, it still has not arrived.

    Last Friday I ordered a pair of running shoes and they arrived on Saturday morning.

    I suspect that a lot of these companies dont carry a lot of physical stock, it would be hundred of thousands of quids worth of gear (and therefore money), sitting in a warehouse.

    I guess they carry a minimum stock, and have agreed short lead times from their suppliers to satisfy unstocked items.

    My guess is therefore that they are being let down on lead time by their supplier, but its only a hunch.
  • I think Start Fitness are one of the best but recently ordered a pair of Air Zoom Miler's. When they arrived both the rear air sacks were flat so I sent them back. They promised to refund in 14 days but after 6 weeks no refund. I chased them and they then refunded the cost of the shoes only.

    I had mailed them on a number of occasions to say that since the goods sent out were faulty I'd expect the P&P to be refunded as well, simply out of principal. They are now ignoring my mails.

    Am I expecting too much!?
  • nope, certainly not. Find the name of the MD and bother him about it, thats what I'd do.

    The only time you'd expect to pay for the return P and P is if you ordered the wrong size, and had to send them back for a replacement.
  • Glideman the best form of defense is a good offense so get on the front foot with any company that messes you about, if necessary try to speak to, write, e mail the head honcho and just say "Give me my money back ...(add suitable phrase )" and then coolly threaten small claims courts, runners world forum and anything else you can muster. That usually brings them round. I had to do that with Bourne Sports (only a tenner but it was my tenner!).
    A lot of people have slated Sportshoes Unlimited but I've found them ok several times but if they weren't....(and it's only an hour from their doorstep so if that's an option).
  • Just had a pair of Adida Adizero Boston 2's sent back to us after returning them to Start Fitness because they were too small. Start Fitness claimed they had been worn. Apart from trying them on, no way had they been worn, and had certainly not been out of the living room.

    Any signs of wear must have already been there when they arrived. The box they came in was on the tatty side. I must admit neither of us meticulously check online purchases when they arrive. But lesson learned, we will be doing so in future; any defaults no matter how small will be dealt referred back to the company even if we decide to keep the goods.

    We're very disappointed with the company and will certainly not be using them again.

  • Ordered loads and like all retailers the majority of time everything is fine with them. Never bother with the express mailservice as to their credit if in stock they seem to mail everything that day

    Only issue when they sent the wrong size twice! Phoned them up and the old boy in the shop who I'd spoken to the week before said, "oh, for fucks sake, I can't believe they messed it up again. I'll sort it out and send you them today".

    I actually found his 'colourful' language quite refreshing from the usual company courses where they rescind into mindless sound bites and refuse to enter into dialogue that hasn't been pre-rehearsed on some training course.

    Fair play correct trainers arrived within 2 days and he didn't even want the incorrect ones back, so stuck them on eBay!
  • They're a cracking company - never had any complaints.

    Think you've been unfortunate. Give them a bollocking by all means and try and wangle some freebies, but I'd definitely suggest giving them a try again in future when you've got more time to play with.

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