Intrasound pain therapy products

Has anyone used the intrasound products that you can get from Boots et al, for about £50-100? I can see they operate at lower frequencies than the ultrasound machines used by physios and other professionals, so my question is - are they any good, or is it better to stick with ice wraps and anti-inflammatories?

Not injured at present, just wondering for the next time.


  • Thanks, I did that, 3 hits, pretty inconclusive although one good recommendation. I was after a medical opinion really as to whether the lower frequencies actually do anything to assist muscle repair, and if so how effective, and most importantly if it is any better than ice (ice being free is a major bonus). However, as the intrasound machine is currently selling at £50, thats peanuts over a couple of years.

  • I got a KUP 200 fgr £115 last year which is a combined ultrasound & massage thingy.

    You have to look at the frequency & your injury - some of the cheaper machines don't penetrate far enough to help.

    And do you use gadgets much?

    Mine is good at relieving pain if I'm having a bad day but I don't remember to use it enough to see a huge effect overall. I should really, esp. after spending all that money...

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