Taunton Marathon

Any info about this race would be appreciated.
Sounds quite flat
Rich O


  • This is my local marathon, so perhaps a bit biased. Nethertheless, it is pretty flat apart from 2 short hills at 11-12 miles. My fastest course for 1/2 mara. If you do the full marathon there is the disadvantage of having to do the course twice, and therefore having to see most people finish after 13 miles! Definetely enter in 2006.
  • Did the marathon this year & got a PB; never done the half.

    Hill at mile 11-12 is OK, but no so great 2nd time round at mile 23. At least you get a long downhill finish.
  • Is this any good for a first-timer? My friend wants to do his first marathon before the hay-fever season kicks in next year and I'll run it with him...it will be my 3rd marathon.
  • dull dull dull - this course is no great shakes at the best of times as a one lap event - but to run another lap when their will be virtually no support & hardly any other runners beggers belief....

    It will test you

    Look else were would be my advice.
  • Peter

    It was my 2nd ever marathon & I rather enjoyed the contrast to FLM (my first).

    You are right about the small marathon field though, over the last 3 miles I only saw 2 other runners; they had both ground to a halt & were walking up that hill.
  • OK 1/2 marathon. Hills at 12 mile managable, generally flat otherwise. Have ran twice and each time improved my PB at this event. Little dissapointed at number of water stations in past, but improved this year. Will be there next year.
  • When I ran it a couple of years ago the organistaion was 1st class - facilities good & right on site. Two laps meant you got to look at the hard part of the course on the first lap. It is a little lonely on the 2nd lap as you are coming along the main road back into Taunton - but this a lonely mental battle time of the race anyway.

    I've drawn a topo of the course at http://topology.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/
  • Peter- perhaps this is a personal thing but when I'm suffering I want to be alone. My best performance in a marathon (though not my pb) was in Hereford (2:47). I have done London and other big city marathons and enjoyed the support mostly- but in the last 6 miles I'd rather they weren't there.
    Hereford was a two lap course and has now bitten the dust. No doubt you would be pleased if Taunton does the same. These smaller events need support and negative comments such as yours are unhelpful. I appreciate that you are just giving your opinion but what really depresses me is that your view is obviously shared by the majority - as the ever decreasing number of marathons in the uk, and the annual hype surrounding flm bears testimony.
  • This is likely to be my FLM backup. (I am determined to do my first ever marathon in the spring.)

    I live is South Wales and my family life is such that it is difficult to travel away too far or too long. (Paris etc are out of the question) I can get away with being away for FLM, but apart from that it is a case of the least time away from home as possible. So its this or the Shakespeare (haven't found any others). They seem to be the only ones within 2hrs of home at that time of year.

    Which brings me to my point. There aren't that many around - so lets not knock the ones that are out there.


  • Here Here!
  • Absolutely agree Banana Split and WildeRover!
    Well done Banana Split on that fab posting.

    I remember Hereford marathon, I really liked that one.
  • Wide Rover

    There is also Dartmoor Vale Marathon, in October next year I believe.
  • Shades :-) Pleased that I am not the only one who thinks like that...and I know there are people out there such as yourself, who have done alot more of these smaller events than I have- suppose I have talked myself into doing this one next year then:-)
  • lurk
    Id forgotten this has a cut off
    maybe i a few years time then
  • ??What are you talking about Hippo?
    Hippo - still lots of finishers after 4.30 and quite a few over 5 hours too.
  • Hippo!!!!!!!!
    how are you sweetie??
    we could run it together, !!!!!!!!!

    I obviously have no FLM place as no
    cheque cashed, trawling for local-ish
    marathon in the spring...

    Wilde rover, like you, not practical to travel too far, (selfish, expensive etc)
    considering duchy, nearer me than you I know..

    Taunton is my local, I do my long runs around that area, but really hate the thought of 2 circuits and prob never do 4.30

    bombed out of planned Snowdonia with bad leg as first( well why not) ever marathon.

    shades how does 5 hrs work with 4.30 cut out? do they not scoop you up in van??
    No, you are allowed to finish and collect your medal etc. You just don't go in the official results.
  • happyslug
    Are you the same happyslug who used to be around 3 or so years ago & ran in the Colyton 10K in 2002?
  • yes!!!!
    remind me..............
  • just not go into official results??????
    how bizarre is that??

    They hang around up to...
    whenever, to see you in,
    with all that that entails, but don't
    put you in results?
    Oh, I see, the timekeeper goes home!!!

    Ah well, I can live with that!
    couldn't handle being scooped up within a mile or 2 of finishing!!!

    Might have to do this;
    a. because it's local and I should.
    b. because if I was contemplating the agony of Snowdon then surely I could conquer the psycological effect of 2 circuits???
    c. because it might be my last chance to
    rise to dare to do one before 50

    and and and........ :-)
  • Very interested with this one.
    Brum to Taunton... not that far..
    Don't like big events.
    Laps don't bother me.

    Now to persuade the OH that mara training (again) through the winter is a good idea.

    What is the running surface like for this one? I did Stratford April this year & have suffered with a dodgy hamstring ever since.
    Rossi - all road, short section of newish paved bit through a shopping centre. Never had a problem on this route with the condition of the road, can't remember any potholes or steep cambers.
  • a-ha sounding better all the time, thanks Shades.
  • does anyone have a map of the course?
    you won't need a map, plenty of marshalls
  • hs - I used to be "DaveP" back then. How was the studying?

    You get a map of the course with the race details. From memory you start & finish at SCAT; starts by heading into town, through a park, out through Norton Fitzwarren, Bradford-on-Tone, back to the main Taunton-Wellington Rd, up through Rumwell (spot the hill!) and then down the hill to SCAT. Repeat once more for the marathon.

    Others more familiar with Somerset could give you a better description.
  • Can't seem to find a list of entry fees, can anyone tell me how much it is to enter. Then I can send cheque.
    Campo - there is no rush to enter. Entry forms are not yet out. I spoke to RO a couple of weeks ago, entry forms will be sent to all last year's entrants and I assume they will then appear on a couple of club websites too.
    The marathon does not fill up and the closing date is about 7 to 10 days before race.
    I have a note of the fees (at home), can't remember what they are though.
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