probably the best training advice ........... ever.

I have suffered with more than my fair share of running injuries and in the past have transfered my training to the eliptical trainer or the bike whilst injured. This time however I decided to follow some advice that I'd read in a couple of articles. That was to cut back all training by a third of the distance and keep your heart rate to below 70% for 6 weeks.

I completed my 6 weeks 3 weeks ago. Touch wood my injury has now healed and it also gave me the cahnce to follow the above advice.

IT WORKS after 6 weeks of absolutly no running and 1 week of jogging I completed a 10k in 42.10. My PB is 39.10.
5 days latter I went to my running club for the first time in 3 months, due to the repetitive injury. I usualy run in the middle of the fast group but thought that after such a long lay off I would at best be at the back of the fast group.
After the warm ups I was feeling good so I settled into the back of the fast group but after a couple of reps I found myself passing quite a few people and was soon running at the same pace as people that I was running with 3 months previously.
We then switched to shorter speed work where I ran my little socks off, even beating people who I had rarely beaten before.

After the session and a taking a bit of stick from my club mates I felt great. I can put his running down to 2 possibilites
1, I was just "up for it" after such a long lay off and just the thrill of being able to run again carried me through the session
2, The 6 weeks of training at or below the 70% heart rate level realy does work.

Time will tell.


  • I've seen similar advice about cutting back sometimes, nice to see it works and well done for sticking with it.

    Please don't say you were working at less than 70% on New Year's Day, I'd like to think some of those people rushing past me were actually trying...
  • Well done PM for sticking with it for 6 wks and achieving a very good time for your 10k come back. Whether it was as you say just being "up for it" or the training below 70% it obviously worked for you and may well be worth others with injuries giving it a go.
  • PM. I've been following the same schedule. Cut back my training to three times a week, and drank like a fish! Um, I wonder if it's worked. Well done on your dedication and your time on New Year's Day.
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