Will marathon training blunt track times?

Thinking about running London in April, but worried that it will affect my track speed(particularly steeplechase) for the summer months? In some ways it will give me a great endurance base, but will it be at a slow pace?

Any thoughts?


  • Someone I know did their first and second marathons last winter, and he then ran the quickest 5K in the summer he has for a number of years. I would have thought he S/C would be much the same. If we are talking 800m, I'm not so sure.
  • I have found that if you are in improving runner then marathon training will give a further boost to your track times. Similarly if the marathon training is taking you to new heights of endurance and high end aerobic work (like with Paula R's 1st marathon).

    Once you've got a solid relationship between all your times though you won't be in peak 10k and Marathon shape at the same time. (see Paula's 10000m and Marathon at the World Champs).
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