acid reflux?

I had a great run at the Macc half this Sunday, the legs were fine but if I pushed too hard I would get belches which had an acid taste. I had an inch of water at the first water stop, and after that I had the limiter of belching. I have noticed this before when doing track training, but then the end is in sight.
Does anyone know what I can do to put off this discomfort.
I do not eat at least 2 hours before a run, (I get a stitch) on sunday I had toast and milk 2 1/2 hours before


  • Take a dose of Gaviscon (the aniseed one is yummy!) after food and an hour prior to the race; that should sort it.

    If you get symptoms at any other time, see the GP.
  • Sue my acid reflux, which I don't get too often thank goodness, is because I have a hietus hernia. I have to be careful what I eat and drink late at night, coffee late at night means I get little sleep due to the reflux.

    If it continues why not make a note of what you eat and drink and at what times and see what makes it worse.
  • Sue

    I'm assuming you aren't my ex-head girl???
  • Maybe you need to leave longer than 2 hours after eating before running. I used to get terrible reflux if I ate within around 4 hours of running. This seems to have improved a bit with time but I still like to have an empty rumbling stomach if possible!
  • I used to suffer terribly but have got it licked for the most part. I think the key is not just what you do in the few hours before running but habits built up over time. I once saw a specialist nurse who gave me loads of tips to get over it. Most useful for me were

    Lose weight (and I was in my optimal weight band...just)
    Don't eat just before bed time
    Cut down fatty foods
    Cut down spicy foods

    What I can't do anything for is onset caused by adrenalin before a race. I can make some nasty noises then!">here
  • Sue

    I used to suffer with this very badly, particularly at night, when I'd wake up and actually think I was going to be sick.

    GP thought that it was probably diet, so I cut out eating just before bed. I also don't eat much white bread, and I've cut down my red wine intake (although I do still drink some). Also, rather bizarrly for a farmer, I avoid dairy products. Seems much better now.

    The other thing that my GP mentioned was that this sometimes goes hand in hand with a heartbeat irregularity - so he sent me for an ecg - which was normal. Nonetheless it might be worth checking with GP.
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Sue, is it only during running?

    Worth seeing your GP and getting it checked, after tests I just seem to produce too much acid so now take a daily inhibitor.
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