whats a good breakfast to eat b4 a long run and how long b4 the run should i eat it.........cant be doing with cereals !


  • Does porridge count as cereals? I find a bowl of this with skimmed milk and honey at least an hour and half before I eat the best morning fuel.

    Poached egg on wholemeal toast for some carbs and protein?
  • Porridge, but leave an hour.

    If running early I usually have Green & Black's hot chocolate and a coffee, possibly with a jaffa cake, then head straight out before I get tempted to eat anything else.

    (and I pig out when I get back)

  • Banana and honey sandwiches - I find if I eat one about an hour and a half before running, I get the energy boost without any repercussions.
  • Porridge works for me.
  • Toasted Bagels with jam & peanut butter.
    An hour B4 my run.
  • an hour????

    My digestive system needs at least 3 to get to grips with whatever I throw at it (either (porridge made with honey & semi-skimmed or else sugarless Alpen mixed with 1½ crushed Shredded Wheat), followed my toast.
  • A substantial evening meal the night before, a bedtime snack, then porridge or another cereal, yogurt (the full-fat, sugar-laden variety) or a banana for breakfast. And coffee. Must have coffee.
  • ah yes - I forgot about the coffee. In a ¾ pint mug, Carte Noire, lots of full fat milk & honey.
  • That explains your times Mike S. That sounds like caffene laden rocket fuel!
  • ...spelling... doh!
  • Porridge and honey for me - if it's good enough for Queen Paula then it's good enough for me.

    And definitely coffee!
  • Cuppa coffe wit milk and a spoon of honey preceded by a glass of orange juice.

    Strasight out of the door and don't run too fast for the first 5 minutes.

    If its cold out wear gloves.
  • avocado and prawns
  • Porrige and honey it is then by the look of it.

    Mike S, if I drank 3/4 pint of coffee before running I'd be peeing in peoples front gardens after a mile and my tum would be swooshing from side to side under the weight of that much liquid! We ladies don't have the advantage of outdoor plumbing unfortunately! :-)
  • I normally eat frosites but leave the milk in the bowl, as i heard that milk isn't good b4 a run. The porridge option sounds yum though.
  • You need to find what works for you. Much as I love cereals/muesli I've finally realised that they don't work for me before a run. I suspect it's the milk rather than the cereal that's the problem.

    What does work for me is a raisiny-cinnamon bagel (nice store-baked ones from Sainsbury's) and a cup of strongish coffee. After that, I need to wait at least 2, even 3 hours before running.

    If I want to run shortly after getting out of bed, I skip breakfast, perhaps just having a small glass of fruit juice or water.

    But remember, different things work for different people, so it's just trial and error really.

  • I like a bowl of hot rice pudding - a whole tin if a couple of hours before running or else a half tin - yum!
  • Porridge made with soya milk (the sweentened variety, so no need for honey/sugar), with sliced banana and wheat germ sprinkled on top. Plus cup of tea, I would die without the tea. I find I need to leave at least 2 hours after breakfast before running, and although I've tried, I simply can't run first thing without any breakfast.
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