Best way to measure distance?

Just wondered how people get a feel of how far they are running? ive seen you can get distance measures on these new fangled watches but i was wondering if there is a better (cheaper!) way i can find out how far im running. im sure im overlooking something obvious.. any ideas?


  • bike with a distance computer is probably still the most accurate way of measuring distances - provided you can ride the course that is..........
  • t

    try this

    you can move it to wherever you like and just click on it to measure distance
    its fab
    not 100% accurate fof course as it does not do hills
  • sorry - just noticed someone alrady put that

  • Thats a really useful website isn't it? great thanks a lot everyone.

    Going on what that website says, I'm on course for a good time in my first event, the birm uni 5k.

    Thanks again
  • THere's a number of those sites - I think I used
    But then I got a timex GPS (I think the Garmin are better now - the latest one is tiny) and my life was changed forever.

    If you're pacing out for anything up to 1k efforts, then nothing beats a wheel thingumy, but I don't think that's what you're after...
  • MadameOMadameO ✭✭✭
    I have an electronic map wheel thingumy. You set the scale appropriately then just trace your route on an A-Z. It works for me, but the down side is having to know/remember your route.

    Not easy with my goldfish-like memory.
  • Does anyone happen to know anything about the Oostende to Bruges 10-mile race, which I think takes place some time in February? From what I've read previously, it seems an event that promises fast times, but I've been unable to discover how to enter. I'd be grateful for any help.
  • I use a Jones Counter :-)... Not really
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