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Do you get the same look that I get, a mixture of suspicion, pity and disbelief?

Do you get the "killer question" ("So who's Slowpoke?" was the last one that floored me) and do you find yourself totally embarrassed explaining to your other half trying to explain exactly what goes on on here? And then the look.

Are you so embarrassed that you wait till he/she has gone out before logging on? Do you quickly minimize the screen as soon as the significant other comes into the room? Have you re-named the Runner's world web-site in your favourites so's Mr/Mrs doesnt "accidently" find out your sorry secret?

I'm quite lucky in a way that Mrs only gets to look if I'm daft enough to leave the PC whilst online. I know its only a matter of time before the whole pathetic charade is exposed and I'll be the laughing stock of all our friends. I can hear it now. Mrs will say "Come on chimp, tell all your mates what you get up to when I'm at the gym" Only she'll say "chimp" in a really sneering, sarcastic way.

Anyway, its only a matter of time. What am I going to tell her?? How am I going to explain the inexplicable, defend the indefensible?

I could use some help here guys. its keeping me awake at nights. Then I start thinking "wonder if benz is still up?"

Did I mention the look?



  • Sorry Chimp er I mean Lord , I can't help as in the short time we've had a computer(2weeks) i found i've sort of got addicted to a chatroom!!!!!
    I also get the looks and sneers.
    She thinks were all extremely sad firstly for running but even more so for talking about it on a computer to complete strangers for hours!!!
  • What do you tell your partner?

    Well it's simple; I tell mine to get out and run, but not in so many words.

    She constantly moans that she's sick of looking at the back of my head, I tell her to go and live somewhere else and then she will not have to.

    I'm sorry if I'm sounding like Bernard Manning but she's been like it ever since we got a PC.
  • My wife has got used to it, still pities me though.

    Try and explain things to your work mates...
  • My answer was well you shouldnt have shown me how to switch your pc on if you didnt want me to take up residence on it. Her response was to change the password and switch it off!!!!!
  • Nice philosophy SB but I eould get a right kicking if i suggested,half as much!!
  • I'm from the 'Old School' never apologise or explain!
  • Chimp, if divorce proceedings are on the agenda, remember you can live without the other-half but you won’t live without your PC.
  • But I dont want to live without either!!!
  • Nor do I so thats why i'll say toodle-oo and take 'er out for a meal!!
    See ya !!

  • Don't slam the door!


    She's gone.
  • My other half moans, but I tell him to buzz off and mind his own business.

    He can't call me sad or anything. After all, HE was the one who used his credit card details to get access to a porn site.

    He likes my Forum nickname. The kids all like theirs too - the younger ones have been known to introduce their big sister to strangers as "Kevin the Teenager".
  • <Grins> My partner and I must be really sad then as we've converted the dining room to an office/study and have our PCs side by side (it's a big desk). He plays UT and reads newsgroups. I surf, read newsgroups and chat. Works all round really 'cos we get to spend time with each other *and* satisfy our PC addiction :)
  • Somebody at work told me that they have an arrangement, whoever leaves first gets the kids - life's not that bad!!!
  • Mr SP firstly thinks I am really sad, and then gets huffy if I spend more time chatting to total strangers with names like Evil Pixie and..... his personal favorite.... Nattynoodle! I get "the look" all the time and comments like "it'll rot your brain you know"

    ...yet when we first got the PC HE was the one who spent hours shooting germans or trying to blow up the world which seems to me infinately more sad. At least I am having good enriching dialogue...!!!
  • Mr SG thinks I am sad and pathetic. Says it is no better than chat rooms and you meet weirdos on there. Sad thing is he is a runner and has been for 18 years so you think he would understand. He does not approve of me being on here but its different when he plays is onlin games for 2 hours or more. Doesn't matter what I say he doesn't like it.
  • SG are you following me?....and Mr SG is shooting people on line.......he makes war ...we make friends...says it all really!
  • Its worst when the next morning he gets up and goes on to read the threads to see what was being talked about to see what I get up to.
  • No wierdos here SG.
  • It hadn't crossed my mind there was something suspicious or shameful about this!

    Maybe it helps that I use a lap top which is in the dining room - which is sort of walk in from the living room - much better than having to disappear into a box room upstairs.
  • I never thought that way either but I guess everyone thinks different.
  • ..having said all that, Mr SP was quite happy when I went off to meet other forumites for a meal one night. I think he gets a fair amount of poking fun at my expense out ofthis but just gets ticked off when it goes on for too long
  • .....he just did it....he just walked in, gave me "THE LOOK" and said 'you saaddddd person' ! ! !
    <shook head slowly and ambled out the door>
  • hehehehe, he hasnt met us yet has he?
  • Barkles...possibly just as well....

    meant in the nicest possible way of course..
  • I ain't confessed to my private insight into the secrets of the universe yet.
  • Howd'you manage that?
  • I think its just native cunning allied to an extremely quick and alert sense of self-preservation. Sheer brilliance comes into the picture somewhere as does a charming modesty and superb physique.

    If you need confirmation of any of these claims just check with Chimp (aka God knows what just now) or have a look at my picture when it gets past the RW censors.
  • ..no wonder your burnt out juggling that lot...!!!! await picture with interest....
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