Pb's on treadmill

Having been doing some speedwork on the treadmill lately ive noticed that some of my times are not that far from my 10k pb.

I would normally start slow on treadmill while doing speedwork and of course the recoverys in between, So it then got me thinking are there any runners out there who have puy down a treadmill run as a pb.


  • No! The Running Police would give me a kicking.
    But I do keep a record of specifically treadmill PB's.

    God I'm sad. ;-)
  • I am from the Running Police and the answer is definitely 'No'.
  • Quite apart from less wind resistance, I personally am convinced that treadmills aren't always running at the same speed. Bearing in mind they are ultimately mechanical, it must be possible for the callibration to go out.

    I can move from one treadmill to another on the same day and get completely different heartrates for the supposedly same speed.

    I keep treadmill PBs too, that's how much of an anorak I am. I'll be working out my WHR next!
  • Iain is dead right. Every treadmill in my gym is different. I've explained this before on a different thread so won't go into it again (unless someone wants me to) but they are not accurate on speed or distance covered or calories burnt. The only thing that's accurate on them is the device that picks up your heart rate monitor.

    If anyone has ever run on a newly-serviced machine they'll have noticed it's like running in treacle . . . that's the lubricant they use on the belt and drives. Another reason for taking little notice of them.

    I know I'm sad but I try to use the same one so I have some cconsistency
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