Hopetoun House Cancer Research 10K

I thought it was really really hard! Just me or a general consensus? I though for a fun run especially it was a tough course.


  • er i ran through hopetoun house in the 2 bridges ultra
    its tough
    love hippo
  • ultra, hmm. that's going to be tough regardless! But thank you!!
  • I agree with you flump, im sure i read the brief and it said it was a flat course! Really enjoyable run though but i think i will have sore legs tomorrow, especially after trying to resist going full speed on that long downhill part.
    Not sure how some first timers or fun runners would have felt about it though.
  • HH was my first 10K race but I've covered the distance in training a few times before this and the race yesterday was my slowest time yet! I found it tough too although Friday night may have been to blame there...) and was surprised at the number of hills on the "flat course", there was one absolute stinker just before the "field" section.

    Good cause and a good day out though.
  • sounds like my *flat* race at thirlstane castle yesterday, hmm, first mile was uphill, all cross country and few more hills for good measure ouch
  • yeah trade description act needs called in for this one I think! I contemplated Thirlestane Castle Santababy - sounds like it wouldn't have made any difference to me! i seem to have been making gains in speed in training but losing it all when it comes to races. Think I need to pick my races better though no one could have foreseen the soaring temps at GSR half marathon. i am not a hill lover and the cross country element nearly killed me. Any recommendations (local ish to Edinburgh) for a flat fast course? A genuine flat course!! I'd quite like it to be a 10K as I have aspirations for my time at that distance.
  • Well, there's plenty flat, open green space in and around Edinburgh so it shouldn't be too difficult to put something together! Inverleith park's pretty big or doing three loops around Musselburgh racecourse is about 10K and is pretty flat grass, although there's not any lighting down the back straight so it's probably only a daylight option now.

    A really useful website for gauging distance is the RAC route planner at www.rac.co.uk. You can measure out your routes by using the ruler function.

    Does anyone know if there are any local 10K's coming up - not much luck with the search engine?
  • think nearest 10k coming up for us lot is Dundee (hmm lovely place!)sure it says it's flat but as i said, after sunday... lol

    actually i really enjoyed my race, if anyone wants to see pics go to short stuff thread and look back to my link, you'll see the hills! i'll defo be doing it next yr!

    Flump, i've been told many times that best way to pick up speed is to do hillwork!! nasty but true.....
  • Hillwork. Boo!! Tho recently I've been going running with a chap who's idea of a fun day out is to go to Arthur's Seat. Personally I find running round the road hard enough but he made me run straight up the side of it instead!

    FB - I really meant are there any flat 10K races so you/Santababy answered that too.

  • Santababy, isnt the run in Dundee coming up a 10 miler and not a 10k? If you mean the one that is in November its listed as a ten miler and i found a review from last year that said its quite hilly.
    Unless you know of another one??
  • This was my first ever 10k and loved it! Did it in 45:01 which I was also pretty chuffed with so I'll definitely be looking out for this one next year. I think the description read undulating hills so I wasn't too surprised with the course itself and found it quite pleasant although I have the feeling that hill running may not be my thing after that small tatse ....
  • Hello fellow runners!

    It was my first time for the Hopetoun House 10k. I felt that i did a fair amount of training before hand and had managed to get my time down to 48/49 mins (Ive been trying to get under 50 mins for a few months now!) Anyway after a few hills, fields and yes, deer, managed to get, what i felt was a respectable 51.02, a PB for me! I must say thanks to the very nice young lady (sorry cant remember your number) who stuck by me and kept the pace going. (PS. if you fancy doing another 10k together let me know!) Yes, it was challenging but it was worth it!


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