Sunday 12th Training

Good morning all.

I thought I might be first this am.

Off soon to do the Milborne 10. Outside looks beautiful but still very cold and white! Not sure whether to brave t-shirt under running vest or just go for the long sleeve top etc. We shall see.

Have some good runs today folks, will pop back later.


  • Aaargh! Beat me!

    What: 5 mile club race.
    Why: For the greater glory etc etc.
    Hard: Thursday 5 mile quick(-ish!).
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Good luck Hilly and all others racing. And me, cos I need it!
  • Good luck Hilly and Swerve! Look forward to your reports.

    What: 7 miles, hopefully @ marathon pace.
    Why: tried, and failed, to do this on Wed.
    Last hard: um, yesterday's xcountry, short but hard.
    Last rest: Fri

    Enjoy your long runs folks.
  • Good morning,
    Hilly Good Luck for the race.

    what: shortish "long run"
    why: my legs are telling me that I've run a bit too much this week!
    last rest: friday

    Looks very cold outside, 3 tops at least today!
  • Morning, it's raining here today but at least the snow is going. A true sign of getting old - when you are happy the snow goes away.

    what: 5 or 6 mile time trial session
    why: schedule has this week as a step back week so no long run.

    last hard: Thursday
    last rest: Friday
  • Way to go yo X/C gals yesterday! X/C seems to be the only event where the girls get away with a shorter distance - Laura L/Wee P - you kow you really wanted to do the 3rd lap!

    Anyway today will be YADWR - yet another day without running so

    what: 60 mins endurance on static bike
    why: what else
    last hard : Thurs intervals on bike
    last rest: sat

  • Good Morning all, and as you say Hilly what a beautiful morning it is.

    What: 8.9 miles, 1.29.52
    Why; 1/2 m schedule said 90 mins easy plus I'm doing the Dartford 10 next Sunday and wanted to get a decent run in before then.
    Last rest; Yesterday
    Last hard; Friday

    Hope those of you racing have a great race and feel really uplifted like I do after this morning's run.

  • hi again,
    What:72 mins

    Route description:
    I felt like I was running thru an painting gallerie.
    The sun was refleting on the river, along the icy trees were slightly falling down. The roofs were steamed out. The fiels were white but felt warm, a tiny forest of xmas trees were also white. The sky was blue. and probably too much fresh air to me.
    What a beautiful day again.
    NB: I was forgetting the lovely companies of swans, ducks and little black river birds.

    Hope you'll have a lovely running day too!
  • 90 mins(run with a bit of walk)7.28 miles on pedometer(which thinks 3 miles is 2.5)
    Getting there
    Running along roads which were frostd in white
    noone abot , Wales does NOT rise early on Sunday
    So no abuse!!!!!!!
  • What- 9mile slow run
    why- training plan
    last hard- fri
    last rest- mon

    ran 1st 4M with a mate who has just started running (44 mins) then did 5M on my own very hilly (40 mins), so a combined 9m in 84 mins.

    lovely clear crisp Essex morn, came back feeling great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go!!!!!!!
  • AM
    What: 2 Hours 15 Minutes Long Run, 17 Miles
    Why: Endurance Base, for some 10 mile race coming up, in March

    What: Full Body Weights Session, strength plus 15 minutes bike warmup
    Why: Same reasons as usual really

    Last Hard: Yesterday/Today
    Last Rest: Monday
    Next Rest: Tommorow
  • Amendum to my prior post:
    I didnt intend to run 17 miles this morning btw! The club run just ended up being longer than I expected, 'thas-all'. D@mn our club long-run co-ordinator! NOw I'm shattered!
  • Afternoon.

    What:15 mile run, part on, part off road 2hrs 5 mins.

    Why:Just went out to enjoy the lovely fresh air, bright sunshine, frosty fields and those darn hills ( 18% gradient on one tough beast )

    Last hard: Today, as it was also cold.

    Last Rest: Tuesday

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 11.5 miles including 10k alternating pace on track in a totally miserable time. During this session my HR normally averages about 162 with a peak of 167/8. Couldn't get it above 154 and with an average of 149. Either I'm overtrained or just past it!
    Why: Schedule
    Last hard day: Thursday
    Last rest day: Last Saturday
  • What: 10 to 13 miles - not entirely sure. Ran with the club and was turning back on myself and boudning up and down hills. Felt in pretty good form considering my pathetic three times a week schedule of the last three months... maybe a rest is good.
    Why: It was a beautiful day, and it's my NY Reso to run with the club as much as I can
    Last hard: Can't remember
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Just a bad morning Drew I'm sure. I was entertaining similar such negative thouhgts on the outward half of my run. My mean HR was much lower than usual also.

    What: 9.9 miles - to Caldy CC, 1 lap of grounds & return
    Why: last long(ish) outing before Helsby.

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: Sat
    last long day: Sun

    Ran the outward half like a 3-legged donkey in lead boots - but gradually picked things up as I came home - insofar as I managed to peak at something like 6:40 pace sustained over the last 2 miles.
    Finished in 72:55 & felt a lot better about it at the end than I did when I was leaving Caldy.
  • LSD today - 15 miles hilly forest run, crisp snow, brilliant sunshine, only -3 today, a heatwave! Saw only a group of 4 hikers on the way up, encountered them again much later on the way home. They were astounded that we were still out there running and hadn't had any lunch yet! Another group kindly offered us some hot wine punch, and were surprised that we declined. How the other half do live!

    Junior wolf cub is zonked out, probably ran about 25 miles with all his bounding up and down the hillsides. He makes it look so easy!
  • What 7.3 miles on this lovely cold, crispy morning.

    Why Schedule says so.

    Last Hard. Friday
    Last Rest. Saturday

    Really enjoyed running today - killed off a hill that killed me off last week!!
  • Afternoon all.

    Race report

    Milborne 10, although it measures 9.79 miles! Today because of very dangerous running conditions at the start of the course they had to move the start forward so more like 91/2 miles.

    Conditions as I said were pretty dangerous at the start, the road had flooded and obviously with the freezing temperature it was literally an ice rink! Apart from one or two black icy areas aroung the course the rest of it was fine. One guy apparently slipped and hit his head on the pavement at the start, which I understand caused him to have a fit, so he needed hospital treatment. I coudn't find out anymore after the race, but hope he's ok!

    Anyway, after a very strange start of trying to dodge icy patches we were off for a 2 mile flat stretch along country roads. My pace felt comfortable at this stage and I was running with another lady from my club who has pb's far superior to mine. We chatted on and off and I thought just enjoy this. The scene was beautiful with white fields and trees. My hands however for the first 2 miles were like icicles. Not for long though!

    After 2 miles the course hit the first of the hills, the next 5 miles were hills and undulations. At this first hill my club mate took off and I felt my calves tightening up. They felt terrible and I went through a bit of a bad patch. The gap opens so fast when you hit a bad patch and my club mate pulled a good 200metres on me. I thought at this stage that was it, I was in for a rough ride.

    The next 2 miles were mind over matter and lots of talking to my conscience telling it that it was ok to back off the pace. Two more of my male club mates passed me on one of 3 steep hills and I just tried to hang on to the back of them. My left leg went totally numb and I felt like I was running on a stump! I tried stamping it down hard to get the feeling back, but past experience told me the only way to restore feeling was to slow down.

    Approaching a hill at about mile 5 I felt I got a 2nd wind and could feel my pace lift and see my club mates getting closer to me. I dug in and decided to push harder. One by one I picked off my club mates and continued to push on.

    For some reason I felt as if I was having a rubbish run and because of this I decided not to even look at my watch from the 3 mile point.

    The last 2 miles were the same flat miles of the beginning. I kept the same work rate going here, hurting I was, but information fed back to me was I was the 2nd lady. I was determined to hang on to this position at this stage of the race and boy was I glad to see the same icy finish. Couldn't sprint in because of the conditions, but so very pleased to retain my postion and get a pb for this course, even though it was a shorter route this year.

    Last year ran: 71.52

    Time today: 68.52

    From this time I would most definitely have got a pb of sub 71mins for 10 miles. Never mind, there's always next month!

    Oh yea my prize: a meddle, £7.50 (my race fees) and then we got 1st ladies team so more wine to celebrate with.
  • congratulations, hilly - sounds like a really gutsy performance.

    Drew - I'm sure it's just a blip and you'll be fine. it's a horrid work-out to do unless you're feeling on top form.

    what: 20 hilly miles in a dawdling 2:28, feeling the effects of too many days without rest, but still not a bad run - heavy frost and dangerous going a lot of the way but a beautiful morning.

    why: long run to hit weekly total of 70 miles

    last rest: dunno

    last hard day: yesterday sort of
  • I'm very pleased with myself - my first 13 mile run this morning and finished in 1.57, so really pleased.

    Why: Long run on schedule

    Last Rest: Friday

    Last hard - today

  • Laura + KK,
    well done on your cracking XC runs yesterday, sounds like you both had an excellent time.

    don't be too hard on yourself mate, we all have bad days once in a while and as Achilles mentioned, this is a brutal workout at the best of times.

    brilliant effort, 2nd lady is awesome, well done.

    What: 20 miler
    Why: The training for FLM continues.
    Last rest day: Friday (did a 1 hour gym session yesterday but forgot to post it).
    Last hard run: Today.
  • Evening all!!Bit late posting even though i was home and showered by 11am!!
    what-long easy 2hr run
    why -its sunday
    last hard -Thursday
    last rest- saturday
  • congratulations Hilly - you must be doing something right if what feels like a cr@p run turns out to be a prizewinning performance....
  • Well done Claire!
    Hilly- fabulous run and inspiring to read of how you got the better of yourself in the end. 2nd lady is superb, hope you enjoy the wine. You really seem to be on top form at the moment!
    1/2 m girl, your run sounds beautiful, those conditions are good for the spirit aren't they?
    Drew, I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar you are definitely not past it! Just not the right day for you.
    Congrats MM and Achilles on your long runs, KK I have written you off as Superman now.

    As for me, finally got out after dark, perfectly timed with the start of the wind and rain, who was it wanted the cold spell to end??
    Did 6.5 miles in 54 mins at 75%, so that can count as my marathon session even though it wasn't quite 7 miles.

    Have a good rest everybody.
  • I really like reading everybody elses glorious reports. I should log on late more often. What a lot of pretty stunning runners we've got. Well done HillY! Enjoy basking in your reflected glory.

    Hilly, I'm interested: does your leg still work ok when it's numb? Of course it must do to some extent, if you are turning out results like that, but does your gait have to change to accomodate the numbness?

    What: Probably about 8 miles. I ran for the first hour and a quarter, but then had to walk. Left foot fails after an hour or so (foot behaves like flipper- can't keep toes up when heel strikes) and running is quite unpleasant afterwards.

    Very pleased to have done it anyway, particularly as yesterday was (in my terms) long too, and this was the first time ever I have run "long" days back to back.

    New training programme:

    Work on spending more hours on the roads, including consecutive days with "long" runs.

    Don't care how much I slow down and walk, just get out there.

    Target: One 2 hour "run", two 75min runs, one 45 minute run in a week, by the end of Jan, no relapses resulting from it.

    Feb, trade a 75 minute run for "speed work".
    (Relative term).

    Oh yes, and to be able to walk to the corner store and back on my heels!

  • Well done everybody some of your training routes sound nice.
    Hip hip hooray! for Hilly.
    It proves that whenever things get tough, don't just give in.

    I had to get out early & cut my run short because I had to cycle round a 10 miler with a course measurer in the afternoon.
    I felt teribble on my run of 14M [planned 20M] not a good idea to strat at 7am but I wanted food before I got on my bike. Which I was a little nervous about because I don't cycle much! but I quite enjoyed myself & decided I must do it more. I actually feel good as well afterwards.

    Over 75 miles this week but had one day off so not too bad.

    Hopefully we are in of a warmer week.
  • What: 17 miles long slow run in 2 hours 20.

    Why: Weekly long run in a week where running has come second place as our first child arrived Thursday night/ Friday early am.

    Last rest: Friday rather unsurprisingly although only managed 24 mins quick recovery jog yesterday

  • Well done everyone who's been out today.

    Hilly - fantastic result! Congratulations: it sounds as though you pushed really hard when the going got tough :)

    1/2M Girl - I loved that description!

    Ironwolf - hot wine punch! What a place :-)

    Laura - well done for getting out after y/day. I've not been out as I've not quite got over whatever made me feel yukky yesterday, but I feel a bit guilty now... maybe I should go out and do an hour... hmmm....
  • Nooo WP
    get better first
  • Thanks, Benz - I feel a bit less guilty now :-) I'll wait until tomorrow, then :-)
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