Lower abdomen pain

I have a pain in my lower abdomen - just below the waistband of my shorts, if you know what i mean.

it feels muscular, and hurts when I sit up from lying down, and seems to be aggravated when i run.

It started (I think) when I did a longish (24 miles) off road run wearing a bum bag - and the pain is where the strap went - so i assumed that was wha it was. thing is it's still there 6 weeks later (although I haven't stopped running - so could just be stopping it healing).

is there a common running injury that hurts at the front just below your hip bones?


  • 6 weeks!! Why haven't you seen a doctor yet??
  • Cos it doesn't hurt most of the time - just feel it a bit when I run - nothing too painful, just kind of "there".

    Trouble is, doctors in my experience just say "well don't go running then" - v helpful...
  • I don't know about the type of injury, but IMHO I would consider not running for a bit and see what happens. If it still hurts, and nobody from here can give any specific suggestions to your satisfaction go to a Sports Doctor. Or try posting this thread again in the "Injury" section!
    There is also something very general called www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/cybertherapist
    in case something sounds familiar.
    Good luck!
  • Sorry, I thought I was in "General"! So you don't need to relocate your enquiry!
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