Spikes - What size?

Looking to buy a pair of spikes for myself and my daughter. A lot of bargains online and would save me the 20mile journey to nearest running shop. But not sure what size to order.

Do you get a size bigger than normal shoe size as you do with ordinary running shoes or do you just get your normal shoe size?

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  • Do not buy spikes or tracks on line go to your running shop as they will be able to tell you what shoes are right for your feet. Trust me I made this mistake ran in my studs and they rubbed my feet and caused terrible blisters
  • I have found all spikes I have tried on are much smaller than ordinary running shoes. I am size 6/7 in normal shoes, 7.5 in running trainers and 8.5 in spikes. Not sure why there is so much variation. But I do advise you try them on first, cause they do feel totally different anyway.
  • Nike seem to size their spikes about 1.5 sizes larger than normal foot size. e.g I 'm 7.5 and take 9 in Zoom waffle spike XC xpike things..., 8.5 in some nike and 8 in others. 8 in Mizuno, 8.5 in adidas... etc.

    UNless you know your size , the 40 mile round trip is well worth it! (about £5 in petrol???)
  • Unlike most I take same trainer size as show size BUT no way in Spikes. Size up for me AND that varies by manufacturer. Currently have Brooks Spikes (well what did you expect) but once had Nike and when I used them for cross-country and they got very wet I couldn't get them on again.

    Why do shoe manufacturers do this ?? Your shoe size should be your shoe size and they should make ALL footwear accordingly
  • Well clothes sizes are all different depending what shop you go into so suppose it's a miracle they manage to keep shoe sizes for ordinary shoes so uniform.

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  • TT - true but that is just fashion. i.e. women getting larger but still wanting to be a size 8 (which doesn't mean anything anyway - men's sizes ARE sizes e.g. 42" chest or 33" inside leg (or equivalent metric) unless it is quoted as medium, large or XL in which case it can mean anything).

    Point is nobody buys spikes for fashion do they ? Shouldn't have said that- I'll be proved wrong now !
  • Not true Brooks about Men's sizes.

    A measured 30" waist trouser fits about a 33" waist from some shops and 28" in others....

  • Brooks that doesn't explain the differences in size from one item of clothing to the next or one shop to the next.

    The shops aren't even uniform in their sizes. If I go into a shop and try on 3 different pairs of trousers I have to take 3 sizes of each pair to try on and won't end up with same size in each trouser. So a 12 isn't a 12 from one rack to the next. Makes shopping a bit tedious and changing rooms a lot sweatier than they might be if all 12's were the same.

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  • 'Nobody buys spikes for fashion', wish you were right about that but there are a lot of dotty women who buy trainers for running cos the colour matches their outfit, they are quite pathetic and fortunately I'm not one of them.

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  • I have tried many brands of spikes, and they all come up about 1 size smaller than your normal size, i.e. I am a size 9 so always buy a size 10.

  • I reckon the OP's daughter's feet might have grown a bit over the past nine years.

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