Forest Of Dean Trail Runs

Thought I'd kick this off.

Three races of varying lengths:-
Making use of the Addidas trail you can run 5.4km, 10.4km or 15.4km (all distances approx)at each of the 3 races.

27th November 2005, 8th Jan 2006, 19th Feb 2006. I can't make the 27th November but I have eyed other events at Mallards Pike and fancy a run in the forest.

Trevor we will back to make your life a misery, <Bet you can't wait!!>


  • Have been looking at this, Trevor if you are about can you enter on the day for the November one as I'm not sure at the moment whether I can make it or not.
  • Hmmm...dates might be a problem for me...Chilly Duathlon 27th Nov, possibly Gloucester 10 on 8th Jan(???), 19th Feb Dursley Dozen AND Muddy Woody 6...and I owe the Gloucester 10 and the Dursley Dozen a damn sound thrashing :o)
  • yep entry on the day is available.
  • Mmmm, I might be tempted by this.
  • go on

    you know you want to - I have ordered blazzing sunshine

  • Trevor:-

    MtB's a bit quick you know.

    Outstanding at Suicide Six on Sunday!!
  • well if he is quick - then he may stand a chance of the series prize - a cool £100

    The races are based on a points system.

    i.e if you win the 15k you would earn 1500 points

    if you win the 5k it would be only 1000 points.

    Only a slight hill in the course.
  • Was wondering how the points worked. Do you get points for 2nd, 3rd, 4th ....?

    Blazing sunshine?!?! Is that going to appear between the snow blizzards?
  • yep - depending on the number in the race you will receave a % of the winners score.
    i.e. if there are 10 runners and you came second you would get 1350 which is 10% less.

    At the final race in February the Male/female top scorers will win the overal prize.
  • Well race 1 down which seems to of been a success. The winner in the 15k event was very quick. (so was the female to be honest)

    Hope some of the local gang can takcle the next one
  • I live in the forest so would quite like to do this one. Are you expecting many runners on the november race? and what sort of time am I looking at on the 10km one to avoid humiliation?
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