Wetsuit hire

There is a guy at work who wants to do a couple of tris next year and is looking to hire a wetsuit.

How much would it cost for the season and where can he hire one?




  • www.triuk.com - 25 quid plus postage is the cheapest (I think)
  • TriUK do one for £25 for the season, plus £10 postage each way, but they ask for £100 deposit up front. You can opt to keep it at the end of the season and not reclaim the deposit - I did that, and would still have even if I hadn't nicked the neoprene several times!

    There are deals at some events (e.g. London Tri) where something in the region of £25 gets you the suit for the day.
  • Curses!
  • I hired from TriUK as well, and returned the suit.

    I have to say they were very quick with the refund of £100, with no quibbles. I would definitely use them again (and I'm not on commission, 'onest gov!!)
  • Sorry, Swerve - those extra seconds you took writing the hyperlink cost you dear ;-)

    Also they are selling they're second hand (non-snagged) suits off cheapish right now...

    I went for one of their starter packages (trisuit, goggles and wetsuit) and don't regret it all - although I am of course switching to pirate gear away from their standard foor trisuit.
  • Thanks guys...I'll let him know.
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