Nike 10K - emergency training schedule???

I have a work colleague who has been press-ganged into doing the Nike 10K on 22nd September. He claims to be fairly unfit and hasn't done any running for a while.

Can anyone recommend (or point me in the right direction for) an emergency 10K training schedule for what is basically 4 weeks?! He hasn't got a time target so just a 'get me round' would be fine.

Any suggestions welcome...




  • I would suggest trying the training section of this website - it has a variety of four-week 10k schedules, depending on how many sessions you can manage each and current fitness level. However, the four week schedules are all for subscribers only. Not much help if you don't subscribe.

    The US RW site has a 6 week 10k plan, which you could adapt.

    I hope the html works here, and that the schedule helps.

  • What happened to the rest of my message?!!

    I was going to add that the US RW site has a 6 week plan which you could adapt. I'm going to try a fancy html link here, so my apologies if it doesn't work (that's probably what went wrong before!).

    click here for schedule

    Let's try agian, shall we?!

    Hope this helps.

  • I give up, just go to the RW US site.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Also the Nike Run London website has training schedules for all levels from beginner up, at
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