Monday session 13 Jan 2003



  • What: Short 7km recovery run this am (taking week of work to stay home with Mary and new born so a pleasant suprise to be running early mid week) - I always find a recovery run after a hard or long session useful and am a big fan of running at different paces throughout the week's training session only coming close to race pace in my tempo runs and pace sessions.

    Why: On programme for marathon on 13 April

    Last rest: Friday

    Last hard: yesterday's 17 miler


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Afternoon, finally got round to reading the weekends posts so here we go :
    -Congratulations all those 'long runners' inspired by the number of 2hr+ runs so early in the year
    -Congratulations to Stranded in Turkey,slushy I know but they are the best thing that can ever happen to you (although 2 is enough for me!)
    -Lizzy B good to see you're back after the dodgy food incident
    -Welcome back WildWill
    -Belfast Phil,just been reading about the Belfast x-c in the paper today, I'll go double check for you.
    -Hilly:congrats on the race performance and your second place
    -Laura:well done with the x-c on Saturday,impressed with your placing and more so to see yo out again on Sunday.

    Well done to anyone else not mentioned individually,I'm looking forward to the post Helsby (wherever that is) race reports.

    Saturday was spent clearing the house (party in the evening) and by the time it was vaguely presentable there wasn't enough time for a run
    Sunday : went to bed around 2-2.30 and was up before 6 amusing the kids while the wife & sleepover guests , slept off the effects.
    By the time we had the house back I collapsed in front of the telly and couldn't be bothered to go out.(Fortunately this had been allowed for in my training plan!)

    Today : long run 12.6 miles (a couple of combined measured courses) tried to run steady and even picking the pace up later.
    Total 1:33:50 so just inside 7m30 miling (target marathon pace) halfway in 47:22 , 2nd half in 46:28.
    Why : trying to build up mileage and speed ahead of two 20m races in February
    Last Hard : today was tiring Thursday was last pacey effort
    Last Rest : Sat/Sun in terms of running

    See ya soon
  • Afternoon everyone.

    Well done Swerve, it's always great to break a barrier. More to come I'm sure.

    Laura, agree with the others on having a lighter week. Won't say anything else as I think you've already got the picture!

    Dustin-glad your party went well, doesn't hurt to forget about running once in a while. In fact, it does more good than harm
    Good pacing on today's run!

    What: 1hr circuit session
    Why: it's a Monday thing. Am feeling a little tired after yesterday's race, so don't plan on working too hard. I have a massage booked for later, so look forward to that!
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday
  • Marmite Master-

    Possible I'll see you at Folksworth - I'm not doing it - too far, I'd never get round in time, but my Mr. and his pal are doing it, so I might go and be part of the cheering section.

    At any rate, enjoy.
  • Rest day for me
    And regretting it already
    But there is speedwork tomorrow
  • Decided against the evening circuit session in favour of a rest day. My legs feel too race sore and by going I'll only prolong their recovery. So rest day today. Going for my massage at 8pm, so that should ease things.
  • Stickless, thanks for the advice. I'm using the anti inflammatories now. Had to go to the leisure centre (taxi duty for the kids again). Normally that would mean a gym session, but today I had a sauna and jacuzzi - I don't know if it helped, but it was a "be good to myself" type of session. Maybe I should have gone in the pool, but it was being used for kids lessons.
  • Marj,
    would be great to see you there, I'm #34 so feel free to yell at me if it looks like I'm slacking!
  • Forgot to say huge CONGRATS to 'Stranded In Turkey'!
  • Evening folks
    What-3 mile easy to work, then 45 mins steady home!!
    why - need an easier day
    last hard- 2 hr run yesterday
    last rest- Sat
  • Hi all.

    What: nothing!
    Why: Crappy weather, snow,sleet and ice out there and still cold. Enforced rest day.
    Last hard: yesterday's 25km in the snow.
  • Couldn't bear the truth of 2 rest dyas out of 3 so did an indoor interval session thies evening. Cut my recoveries from 2min to 90secs and surprisingly It felt easier than 10 days ago. maybe I'm getting fitter while injured!

    Have bitten bullet and go to see physio re knee tomorrow.
  • good luck sfh legs
  • Best of luck sfh legs, at the physio, you've been very patient with your xtraining I think, glad it's paying off.

    Stranded in Turkey - baby boy, gorgeous! Hope you're having a nice family week at home.

    Dustin, your weekend sounds great, very good pace on your long run too, obviously staying off the wagon is good training practice.

    MM - where the heck's Folksworth?? Probably as well known as Helsby which is tiny village near Chester. Best of luck there anyway, it's an unusual race distance isn't it?

    Exhausted from club speed session not to mention defending HRM training in various corners, it has seriously affected my productivity today! So let's call a truce Achilles please, just for a few days.
    Did 5*'long intervals' whatever that was, took about 2 mins 20. Just hard enough to feel I;d done something but not too knackering after the weekend.

    Night all.
  • xtrain 5 mile today & a bit of weights work (slacking off again) bed early tonight - looking to run the morning session at 5.50am that i missed today. (missus has threatened to kill me if alarm goes off and I dont get up - now there's motivation for you..)
  • sfh legs -

    great news that you're getting back to form - I'd be surprised if you're not a lot quicker once you're up to speed, it often happens that way.

    Laura -

    sorry I'm affecting your productivity - ignore me, a touch of the Chimps today, I fear (that's what comes of having a day off and getting all antsy about it). have a nice easy week and a brilliant PB at the weekend.
  • What: nothing
    Why: rest day
    Right over to Tuesday...
  • What; 1Hour 50 for 15 miles
    Why; Penance for cr@p Xcountry on Sunday
    Last rest; Saturday
    Next; Pyramid session on the track tonight.
  • What - 3 miles easy run then 1 hr break then 1 hr circuits

    Why - circuits regular monday event - decided short run earlier to run off any stiffness from previous day's x-c race.

    Next - see what takes my fancy but probably 5-7 miles steady paced run.

    last rest - New Years Eve. (But easy runs before/after race or time trials.)
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