Nike air zoom elite 2

I have tried these shoes at Niketown and like them.
Are these suitable for everyday use ?
I have seen air zoom elite 1's on special offer.
Wouled i be best off getting 1's for everyday and 2's for racing ?
Thanks in advance.


  • That all depends on you, your running style & pace.

    Shoes are a personal choice - I wold suget goingto a specialist running shop to get fittted up & seek their advice - they will question you about your running & ask you to run around in a variety of shoes or on a machine until you find whats right
  • Not a massive fan of these... The transition from heel - midfoot - forefoot isn't terribly smooth.
  • The support on 1 is all on the heel and on two is in the mid-foot. They are suited to different styles of runner to be honest.

    If you suit the 1, then the 2 may be too much support for you, and vice versa.

    I liked the 1 for racing, but it didn't suit me at the time :-(

    If you need the support of the 2, then the appropriate every day shoe from Nike would be the structure triax. If you suit the 1, then the perseus is the equivalent everyday shoe. However, it might be that the Nike offerings aren't right and you would be better off with a different make.

  • Thanks
    For a little more background...
    I've been running in asics 2100 for the last 6 months or so on advice from my physio. Over pronator. These are the first shoes i've had and have only been running since march.
    Since then my posture is much improved and along with it my running action (straighter back)
    Miles have increased steadily over the last 6 months but getting blisters from my asics.
    I had a gait analysis done at nike town by video a week or so ago, and it showed the over pronation to be very mild, and the zoom elite 2's corrected it (as seen on video)

    I know the 2's are the right shoe for me but are they going to last ?

    My other question was whether 1's are the same as 2 and from what you've said they are not, so i'll (unfortunately) avoid the pair i've seen for £25!

    DB2 - What doesn't quite tally is that you have said the everyday equivalent of 2 is the structure triax, yet i was also recommended perseus after my gait analysis at Nike???
  • Booze ,

    Where did you see a pair for 25 quid if I may ask
  • what size are you ?
  • It was a listing on ebay.
  • Sounds like the gait analysis is giving more information than I can guess at over the net.
    The Zoom Elite 2 has the 2nd density in the mid-foot rather that just in the heel; the structure triax also supports in the middle of the gait; whereas the perseus has the control in the rear foot.
    If the perseus works on gait analysis then that's the one to use...

  • didn't actually get to try the perseus on the video, just the elite's. but they were recommended as a result of it.
    Thanks again.
    I think i'm going to get the zoom elite 2 and just see how long they last :-)
  • I've got ZE2's but mine are fairly new. I use them for everyday running.
  • I agree that the lycra is best......very comfy etc. Some are OK commando, but for some reason I am yet to identify....some are not. The seam down the middle can, lets say, "irritate". Underneath, and it's suprising, athough quite nice, how many men are talking about this. I thought it was only the sort of talk women had when they went to the loo. I wear anything from the days underwear (because I'll be showering afterward) (baggy boxers wouldn't work though) to thongs, or the old fashioned jock-strap, which I think was a good invention but they aren't always that comfy nowadays. You need a bit of a layer of protection and a bit of support I guess. That was wht they offered, but perhaps they have been superceded.
  • Well...thanks for that Sportsmad.

    I can't believe a thong, although it is admittedly lightweight, is going to help with slight over-pronation.

    Did you try them out on the treadmill in the shop in front of the video is the real question?!
  • Are Nike now doing "Zoom elite" pants ??!!
    When I was told the new pair have more support I hadn't realised what was meant :-)
  • Bought the Zoom Elite 2's today after much deliberation.
    Will keep you posted on how I get on..
  • Hey, cool cross-post DS!!!
  • Have been injured so haven't given these as many miles as i would have normally.
    Very light, and comfortable, but not going to be my everyday shoe. i'll keep them for races.
    I'll be getting the asics 2110 when they come out.
    I think the blisters in the 2100's came from having the wider width fitting rather than standard...
  • hi, sorry to bring up an old thread, just wondering how these fit? the shoes not the lycra... been running n asics latley, mostly my nike are ears old...
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