how do you motivate yourself when youre tired

any tips would be gratefully recieved


  • Targets, always, I've gone through a few spells of feeling fed up etc etc...
    however, by setting target times for specific races, I kinda just get my arse out and train. Simple as that, although lately, I'v ebeen racing when I'm tired so and spend alot of my time shattered anyhow...
  • I tell myself that the little training that I am doing is nothing by comparison to what others do so I'd better shut up and get on with it!
  • Various depending on my mood.

    Mileage targets for the day / week / year.

    Mantras like `the will to win mean nothing without the will to train'.

    MP3 player to listen to some hip Dylan tunes.

    The old `run out for one mile and see how you feel'. If tired come back and you've still done something. If not, crack on.
  • a funny one: I look at my wobby thighs

    a serious one: I think of people who can't run because of disability and it makes me want to seize the moment and enjoy/use the gift and ability I have

  • There is also the possibility, heresy I know, in some eyes, that if you are tired, maybe it would be a good idea not to run.

    Tired? Or Lazy? Difficult but important to be honest about both.

    To make the very most of your potential I think you have to study the difference with care. Too much running on tired, ignoring the signals, ends up with serious loss of mojo and overtraining.

    The way I try to decide is to run the first mile. If it really is a matter of laziness, I usually feel ok. The really tired me doesn't perk up.
  • I'm often tired - but usually more mentally than physically due to long working hours, shifts etc. The one thing that forces me out of the door is having a specific goal in particular a marathon where it is so important not to miss sessions. I often use the strategy of going out for a short run in the first instance, but then carrying on if I feel good. I nearly always feel so much better after the first mile or two.
    Real physical fatigue however I always listen to. That feels quite different and demands a rest day. I don't get many days like that though.
  • many thanks for the replies alot to ponder on and inspiration to motivate myself
  • also, just try and think say 3 months into the future... by Xmas, if you've done nothing, you'll look back and think" I could have done 3 months of solid training there, what a waste"... so I always have a target for 3-4 months ahead...

    I currently have 3 main ones, the Worksop 1/2 Marathon (sub 01:30) on 30th Oct, the Helena Tipping 10 (38:25) on 4th Dec and the Helsby Four Villages Half Marathon (01:22:50) in the ned of January.

    When I feel crap, I just think, if I dont' train I won't do very well, and usually that's enough for me :-)
  • Those are impressive target times! - best get out and train!!
  • same here thanks
  • May be impressive target times, but only going to be TRULY impressive if I hit them.

    Just picked up an injury and going to try and have 10 days off completly(apart from a race on Sunday)... and try and get some rest. I'm going into races now shattered all the time, and completly not bouncy at all!
  • Be kind to your body - if you feel too tired to run then don't run. You can still enjoy life and be happy :-)
  • Remind myself how much more relaxed I'll be going into a race knowing that I got out and did the miles when I could have not bothered.

    Tell myself it's always easier when you're out there (this is true). Half the battle is won by the time you've put your gear an and got out the door.

    Tell myself I'll feel ten times better after a run than I do right now (also true).

    As has been said, tell myself I'll only do 3 or 4 miles and inevitably feel good enough to do more than that.

    Think of the weekly figure I'll be putting in the training diary.

    Think of a close competitor training on the same day.
  • Join a club! If you know you are meeting friends it is harder to back out and when you get out there you feel so good!!
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