Eating on the run

I'm trying to up my distances from my regular 10k to a half marathon. So this weekend I went out for 7 1/2 miles. Not much for you hardened runners, but a biggie for me!

Anyway, 3 1/2 miles into it, I was starving hungry and feeling really drained. My own fault, as I hadn't had breakfast first. I'll make sure I do next week, but if I carried a banana with me, can I eat it on the run??


  • Try it ! you'll soon find out. Bananas though tend to go a bit soft and mushy after a while.

    Would recommend you try energy gels on the much longer runs. Some runners take Joosters, Jelly babies that kind of thing with them.

    Try that banana about an hour before you go out.
  • I use a cereal bar, avoid the dryer consistencies though.
  • I find bananas really easy to digest but not while I'm actually running - I eat one 10-15 mins before a long run or a race if I'm feeling peckish or if it's been a few hours since I ate a meal. Porridge with banana and honey mashed into it is a failsafe energy breakfast for me - I always have it before a long run!
  • Try a few things and see how you get on. Some foods have a bad name but I remember eating a Mars bar 20 mile into a marathon and it got me to the finish. I've also had tea and cake on the Seven Sisters marathon - it was great. Energy bars are always good before or during a run as they tend to have a good mix of energy for now, and energy for later in an easily digestible form. Boots own-brand (apricot) and Go bars are both good.
  • Chocolate flavoured Geobars (Tescos have them, tho. it must be said they're a bit expensive for cereal bars) are very nice.

    Not sure they're of any practical benefit other than being the lure that gets you to the ten mile mark (if you can wait that long) and of course, stopping you getting starving hungry.

    My son, however, swears by Cadbury's Creme Eggs. This isn't as daft as it sounds. The middle goo is apparently glucose based and not as nasty as some energy gels, they're easier to carry, you can get them in your mouth in one go (haven't tried this myself, obviously!), and you can get them from any newsagent you have to run past. Of course, there are probably thousands of reasons why creme eggs are a Bad Thing, but if you ever have an energy emergency near a corner shop, they're probably better than nothing. . . !
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