Racing with a HRM

Is there a protocol for this (or even some rules)? I ran the Jubilee 10k using a heart rate monitor to stay in a set zone of effort.

Does this mean I cheated? With a PB of 51m I'm not likely to face a challenge but I just wondered what others think. Should racing be unassisted by electronics?



  • I dont believe that there are any regulations regarding the usage of HRM in road races. The only reason the elites dont is because they are so in touch with there body that they are able to judge maximum sustainable effort very precisely. Some believe even more so than HRM's, as this can vary dramaticly for the same percieved effort.
    Also, on the basis of electronic as cheating, almost every professional marathon runner in the past ten years has 'cheated'. Think about the scene as the elite line up at the start, hands on digital stopwatches! An electronic pacing aid if ever I saw one.
    So to conclude, you certainly didn't cheat! You should be duly proud of your achievement, hrm or no, expecially on such a congested course! I took longer than 51min on the Jubilee 10k, & I normally run 10k's quite a bit quicker than that so such a time is no mean feat!
  • I seem to remember a discussion about this on the old forum. You are not allowed to wear them for road races under a certain distance (5 miles?). Dangley Spice supplied the information at the time.
  • Yes!! As an official Official Judge for track events on the track (!!!) Rule 21(1)(c) The following shall be interpreted as assistance ; the use of any technical device. Athletes receiving assistance as defined above are liable to be disqualified.
    Rule 21(2)(c) The following is NOT interpreted as assistance: The use of HRM in races in excess of 10,000m
    So - races of 10km and under should not be using your HRM.
    These rules apply anywhere where it says 'run under UKA/BAF rules'.

    Rules is rules!!

  • Does that mean a road race is outside the scope of this rule?
  • I certainly stand corrected! Gosh, I dodnt realise that HRM's posed such a threat to the sport at the sharp end of the wedge! I wouldnt have thought the elites would want to use them, but there you go, as said, "rules is rules!!"
  • KK

    What I want to know is how you ran THAT marathon time with only one leg?
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