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I am 31 (female) and have been running for about 4 years now although the real intensity was came in the past two years, my pb in marathon is 3hrs 8 min, in half 1.32, 70 min for 10 miles and 42 min for 10ks. It is clear that I need to get some speed going if I want to break three hours this year or get even further. Can anyone recommend a training schedule, a book, articles that could give me guidance on how to get faster?


  • Seem fast enough to me!
  • Go on the Hard Training with Mike Gratton Thread over on the FLM Forum. Bags of advice there. Fantastic times by the way, your marathon time is awesome when you look at your half marathon time. You can definitely beat 3 hours with the right training. Good luck
  • Thank you all for the advice, I am a serpie member but work has prevented me from joining them at regular club fixtures so mainly train alone hence desparate search for a recipe to be a faster runner...

    Any of you read Paulas book - inspirational??
  • Paula's book starts out inspiring, but quickly becomes dull and the relationship & writing between her and her partner is too wierd for me.
    All just my opinion of course.
  • Yes, Paula's book is inspirational.
  • I would go with the second part of Johnny J's advice. You're at a high level where you need specialist coaching. I wouldn't rely on `off the shelf' schedules which are designed for the average person at each standard.

    Your marathon time is far better than your shorter distance times would indicate, so I think you need to work on your anaerobic threshold. Basically you need to go faster at 10k to create the differential between that and your marathon time to be able to pull the marathon time down further.

    I also agree that it's worth introducing yourself on the `Hard Training with Mike Gratton' thread over on FLM. If you post up a typical week's training, he (and some other experienced runners) will be able to suggest what you can do to impove.

    Good luck with it all.
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