Triathlon In Fleet - Hampshire

There is a triathlon next year in Fleet - starts at the Hart Sports Centre. I would like to do this as my first triathlon. Yet I have looked on the internet and can't find anything about it.

Does anyone know when it is and how to enter etc..? Also how far it is. I've been told it's a good Tri for my first one.



  • I think its a sprint run by Hart district council. I've tried to search this one before. The leisure centre is probably the best source of info.

    there is some info on:

    and you can also see previous resilts lists on that site (to see date and distance)

  • also came across a 2005 race report here:
  • cool thanks, just the info I wanted to find out. Just need to find out how to enter, expect it will be around nearer the time.

    Think I will aim for this as my first Tri, looks ok.
  • I contacted the Hart Leisure Centre and they have put me in touch with a guy who can help me...just waiting for him to get in touch.

    Yet they did tell me that the distances are:

    400m swim
    20k Bike
    5k run

    I think I will be fine with that. The bike and run will be no problem, it's the swim I'm a little worried about. Yet got plenty of time to train for it.

    The swim is a in a swimming do so many people swim at once??
  • the number of swimmers probably depends on how many enter. Pool swims are often seeded, so usually plenty of room (for you to overtake the guys in front of you).
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