What do you do gym wise?

After getting back into running after fracturing my ankle i've decided to join my gym to limit my road running. The trouble is they have so much on offer i don't know what to do?
I can do body pump,combat,balance,circuits,yoga all at no extra cost as well as the usual gym stuff. At the moment i do 2000m on the rower then 30mins on tradmill then lift weights and do some abs stuff.
My main motivation is to get rid of my belly and do stuff that will help with my running also putting on some muscle would be nice, so what do you do , recomend?


  • Core strength work and yoga are good for all round stability and flexibility.

    Weights are alright - but free is better than machines as it works the stabilising muscles as well.

    Too much treadmill work may change your running style - put 1% incline on it to suitably emulate road running. The other option is off road/hill/fell running - the softer terrain is gentler on your joints, and the uneven ground will strengthen your ankle stabilisers like you wouldn't believe (but I'd stick to flat sections until you're 100%, don't want to turn an ankle and snap it again)
  • Hi,
    I'm doing free weights then core stuff like ab curls,back extensions,plank, treadmill is random, 1% and speed is 13, my 10k time is 41mins and half time is 1.31, grizzly time is 3.10.
    I keep reading in runnersworld that bodybalance is good for core work?
  • Bodybalance? Is that one of those wobble board things? To be honest, with ab work like that (and don't forget your obliques!) you should be alright for core stuff. I just can't use treadies, I prefer the fresh air, but whatever works for you as long as it gets you doing one foot in front of the other.

    Good luck with it all, you've got some good times there!
  • No gym but I've started goign the following

    Ab & core work consisting of benches, planks, cruches


    squats & lunges

    I've only just started. I intend to buy some dumbells & upgrade to weighted squats & lunges as well as stiff legged dead lifts & good mornings which are possible the best full body execises you can do. At the moment I am trying to concentrate on form rather than weight
  • Body balance is a mix of yoga,pilates,tai chi you do loads of stretching and balancing like on 1 foot aswell as planks etc.
  • I do free weights, Pilates, and lots of stretching.
  • how are you treating and sorting your ankle?

    are you doing exercises specifically for it?

    I'd be interested to learn because I do a fair amount of fell running and regularly twist my ankle.

    I am now on a programme to try and strengthen it.

    I'd hate the thought of not being able to run because I've knackered my ankle, surely its not the end of the road for you yet?
  • I do Pilates & used to do Khai Bo & Boxercise which I loved. My leg muscles were like iron.

  • Spin classes, Yoga, run on treadmill & abs work
  • I do a warm up 10 minutes on running machine or bike, then a combination of free weights and machine weights - ideally will move totally to free weights, chin up bar and ab work on floor, then 10 minutes on running machine and a bit of a stretch.
  • Dave-My ankles ok now i had a hairline fracture on april (but i thoughti just pulled somthing)but as i was doing a tri in may just cycled and did swimming a week before the tri went for massage i mentioned it and was told it was fractured and massage guy could feel where the bone was repairing. Anyway did the tri then didn't run until july then tried to jump in at week 12 of a 16 week marathon plan same ankle played up so didn't do anything until 2 weeks ago. So basically it was just resting it that helped.
    Toria- i think body combat is basically khai bo under a different name you recommend it then?
  • Ian - I do a Body Pump class at the local gym - it's very good for targeting the major muscle groups, you can use as much or as little weight as you feel comfortable with. And, big plus point, it's a good laugh!
  • I asked about doing bodypump but was advised to lift heavy weights for less reps.
  • IB - I used to really enjoy it. It helped that I liked the drill sergeant way that she taught it, plus we used to have a laugh. Have a dodgy ankle now so haven't been back for a while (you need to be able to balance & kick).

    When I'm in the gym for a workout, I usually do:

    10-15 mins cardio as a warmup
    Upper body workout - Press-ups, bicep curls, tricep dips
    Any lats exercise
    Leg exercises - squats are good, so too are lunges but you need to be doing them correctly, leg weights
    15-30 mins more cardio
    Cool down & stretches/ankle balancing exercises.

    Probably not the most rounded of routines but simple enough. I rely on the Pilates to sort out my tummy muscles.
  • btw, you're supposed to do weights straight after the warm up not at the end. Something to do with fatiguing the muscles & recovery.

    Low reps, high weights are supposed to help increase muscle mass. However, I find that I use lower weights than most ppl but get better results as I concentrate on technique and moving slowly therefore not relying on momentum which is what a lot of men I see in the gym do. Please don't become one of those idiots slinging huge dumbbells around. It's not going to make you big & it's certainly not clever.
  • I've done weight training as part of my life fitness programme since I was 14, I'm now nearly 44.

    Typically I do one hour weights sessions twice per week, and incorporate the whole range of weights exercises... on fixed equipment and free weights....for almost every part of my body.

    I've always done it to maintain my shape and physique. I'm not Arnie by any stretch of the imagination.

    I try and mix heavy weights/low reps with lighter weights/higher reps.

    I'd characterise this as cross training like any other programme, so I'd say just do it, and just do what you want/like to. Its all going to be beneficial.
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