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I have been looking for something to do in Europe after realising I can't make the European Vets Half Marathon in Czech in May due to a pre-booked family holiday. Paris - Versailles sounds good but maybe a bit too busy. Anyone been to an overseas event they can recommend?


  • Swiss Bobby raves about the Lausanne events.
  • I recommend the Berlin Marathon. Well organized, as big as London, nice wide open start (everyone starts from the one start) and free beer at the end.
  • I'm a great, great fan of the Reykjavik Marathon - small, friendly, wonderful scenery, everyone speaks English, well organised.

    I don't recommend the Prague Marathon - totally oversold itself, ugly course, all women (except for 50 seeds) start together in the last start pen, no results.
  • Thanks Ratcatcher. I will think about the Reykjavik one, when is it?
    I am doing FLM and the European Masters event would have fitted in well with my running calendar. Another marathon this year would have to be later in the year, preferably a half or 10mile would be best. Anyone done Paris-Versailles?
  • My main event for this year (knee permitting) will be the Rennsteig tunnel race. This will be a once only run event as it is being run over a new motorway that is not opening to traffic.

    The basic format is a total of 28 k (about 17.5 miles) out and back course passing through the Rennsteig tunnel which will be the longest road tunnel in Germany and across various newly constructed but very impressive viaducts.

    The site for the race is a bit poor

    but the site for the road construction looks extremely impressive.

    Nice flat tarmac if a little hilly!
  • Sounds interesting.. thanks, I'll take a peek.
  • Er Martin, can this be the same runner that raves about running through the frosty winter snow on a different thread??
    Thanks, but if I want to look at road construction there's plenty nearer to home!

    (PS Recommend Lapland Ultra marathon, run in the midnight sun, anything from 38 km up to 100 gets a medal)
  • Fifi - Reykjavik is usually mid-August. They do have a web site (in English), but I don't have the URL handy. IcelandAir does packages including flights and accommodation if you're interested.
  • I did the Amsterdam half last October and very much enjoyed it. Not too many runners to be crowded but yet not too few either.

    Am planning to return this October for the full marathon.

  • For an autumn treat, try the mid-October Round the Wolfgangsee race in St. Wolfgang, Tyrol, Austria. Beautiful scenery, friendly people, well organized race, about 1500 runners from all over the world, nice medals, lots of free eats and drinks at the finish - 27km round one of the prettiest lakes in Europe. There's just one small drawback - at 3km there's a bloody great climb up to the 5km point and an even steeper downhill onthe other side. But there's a great view from up there! I've done that race 16 years in a row.
  • The oldest race in France is held in the Lozere area in the South. The race, called Marvejols-Mende, is just under 21K (not quite a half-marathon) and has two fairly impressive hills in it. Held in July, it is possibly the most famous of French road-races for a variety of reasons: the crowds are what you would expect in the Tour de France; the atmosphere is festive; and the race is followed by a huge meal sampling the local specialties, and a party that goes on well into the night. Traditionnaly, at midnight, a number of runners chose to race again (for 3 miles or so), in their birthday suits. The race usually has an impressive elite field, but it is also a mass participation event (10,000 runers or so). It is now 10 years since I last ran it, but I do not expect it will have changed much....
  • Laura - my motorway marathon is just the beginning, I've heard a rumour about a race taking in many the bus-stops and shopping centres of stockport that has me very excited.
  • budapest half (sep 2, this year i think) - flat as a pancake, beautiful course (excl last 4 km) and great city to visit. - good organisation. but take your own water if you're planing on finishing in over 2 hrs

    good weather at that time of year too.

    the full mara is at the end of sept
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