Podiatrist in Reading

Do any of you live in or near Reading and if so do you know of a podiatrist? I am looking to get custom orthotics made as I have had pain in the arch of my foot for months and haven't been able to run.

Many thanks.


  • Have a look in Runners World mag.(towards the back)- there are adverts for such people by reference to area. Hope this helps.
  • I know one in Henley, advertises in the back of the Henley Standard...
  • A podiatrist who comes highly recommended is:

    Melanie Healey
    Wessex Nuffield Hospital (M3 J12)
    023 8025 8406

    Although this is down Eastleigh/Southampton way she also practises from the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke - not too far from Reading.
  • Freakfoot:

    I live near Reading. I went to see a nice lady who operates out of the sports centre in Bradfield (about 5 miles from Reading). I can't recall her name but if you look up the sports centre in the Yellow Pages or on the web, and ask to make an appt with the podiatrist they'll know what you're on about.

    We discussed orthotics at some length, and she seemed to know her stuff. In the end I took her advice about changing shoes and didn't need orthotics, but I would have trusted her judgement if she'd recommended orthotics.

    Reasonable cost too. She charged £20 for a good hour or so.

  • Many thanks everyone. Running Commentry, if your lady recommended you DID need orthotics, who would you have gone to to get them made?
  • A podiatrist would be able to get them made up herself I'd have thought - it's a big part of their degree course.
  • Yes, popsider is right. I can't recall whether she actually made them herself, but certainly she would have made the assessment and the 'prescription', and got hold of them for me, rather than just refer me to someone else.

    The cost I mentioned was for the consultation only. Orthotics will normally cost anything from £100-£300, depending on your requirements. If you're lucky you may have a medical insurance policy that covers this sort of thing, but most don't unfortunately.

  • It's been said before but if you live anywhere near Salford pop in to their podiatry school where you will get an amazingly reasonable deal. The same may go for other schools of podiatry - off the top of my head Brum and Northampton are two - but I've no knowledge of them.
  • Freakfoot - another obvious idea would be to ring Sweatshop in Reading (01189 573826), and ask them. They would certainly know of some local ones I'd have thought.

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