barcelona-rotterdam marathons

will try one of these this year but which one .does anyone have any info on these races ie transport accomadation etc. i will be travelling from scotland.


  • Am entered in the Rotterdam marathon. Transport should be easy as start and finish is right in the centre. For getting there easiest options would be either ferry from Hull overnight to Rotterdam or cheap flight to Amsterdam and then a train straight from airport direct to Rotterdam.

  • barcelona marathon does anyone have the e-mail address for the aboveas i may try for this race.
  • i now have all the info on the race
    have now registered for this marathon.
  • kg,
    i registered on-line for the barcelona race but the on-line form had no provision for payment---how do we know if the entries have been accepted ?????
    please tell me how you have paid
  • i was e.mailed the next day confirming my registration then asked for a bank draft or credit card details
    for the 35euros.
    i will receive my no. and pay for the chip
    at the expo on the sat.
    i will be going via luton from glasgow on sat. morning.
    let me know if you req. anymore info.
  • kg
    thanks--i entered 4 days ago but no confirmation---will have to try again
    am going from belfast via dublin on wed 12th and returning on 19th--am aiming for3hr45 to3hr55
  • jimimac
    let me know how you get on and maybe we can meet on sat at the expo or the race on sunday.
  • kg,
    got the confirmation e-mail today---would like to pay by credit card but there does not appear to be a secure connection---will see the bank on mon.
    would like to meet--have only ran solo--imagine it would be easier to run with someone---have just joined a running club so will soon test this theory---i will be staying at the "HOME" guest house/hostel about 3 miles from barcelona centre
  • jimimac
    i am staying near the la ramblas area, not sure how far from the centre. i have allways found it easier to run with a partner to relieve the pain.
    im sure we can arrange something nearer the time.
    went on my first long run today 1h 30,the weather was bright windy and heavy showers
    got soaked through in the first 30min
    its all in the fun of running.
  • kg
    hope to meet you there--good luck with the training--have not got the commitment to run in the rain---i just head for the gym and pound out the miles on the treadmill--did 14 m on the road on sat--2hr 7min--just keeping steady and trying to avoid injury
  • jimimac
    at the moment the weather here is very windy with heavy showers will just have to try to get out whenever possible.
  • jimimac
    how is the training going have you been out so far,ran 5 miles this morning as the snow had vanished, hope for a long run this weekend.
  • jimimac
    went out for my long run on sunday.2hrs
    felt slightly tired towards the end,but feel ok today. will start my short runs tomorrow. how is your training coming along.
  • hi kg
    training going ok--did 20m last sat--3hr 5min--last 5miles were horrible--totally knackered--may have a slight chest infection
    am still having problems paying the entry fee for the marathon--went to my bank with the confirmation e-mail and they said there was not enough info to make a bank transfer--would like to pay by credit card but no secure mode of paying this way--have e-mailed the web site --hopefully there is a simple way to do this--how did you do it ?
    keep up the training
  • jimimac
    have run two 5m runs this week.
    I paid my entrance fee by credit card and im sure i received a confirmation but my computer crashed last week have asked for
    another copy checked my bank statement but the fee still hasnt been withdrawn.
    I'll be running the GRANGEMOUTH 10K this sunday. will try to fit in a run on sat.
  • hi kg
    sent a bank draft to barcelona but the bank were not too confident about it getting to the right place given the info on the spanish e-mail--one would almost imagine that the spanish were trying to discourage foreign entries--i still do not know if i have paid or not--wiill definitely not enter this race again--also the bank draft cost £25--more than the race entry fee!!!
    why could they not just include a space on the entry form for a credit card no. and make it a secure connection--every other country seems able to do this
    i feel better with this little rant of my chest
    am still logging in around 50m per week--did another 20miler on sat wearing new shoes i intend running in--went ok--3hr 10m but was freezing cold--nearly packed it in at the 8m mark but the sun came out and defrosted me--best of luck at Grangemouth--what time did you do?Are you doing any long runs
  • jimimac
    went for a 1hour run on sat.The GRANGEMOUTH 10K i ran in 46min ,feeling ok today.
    Ihope to go for 3hr run this week as i am on holiday.
    I still havent got a reply from BARCELONA
    regarding my entry fee confirmation.
    keep on running.
  • kg
    good run in the 10k--RW pace predictor indicates a 3hr51s marathon off that time--i wonder how accurate these pace predictors are---have not had a race since Nov--here in NI races are few and far between during the winter--i feel really envious when i see all the races listed on the mainland--still no reply from Barcelona---anyway keep up the training
  • jimimac
    weather here in SCOTLAND is dry but very cold, had a couple of rest days due to the kids being on holiday.
    managed a 1hr. run today will try for a longer run thur/friday.
  • jimimac
    out on another 1hr. training run today,
    will have to try something longer at the weekend. Still havent had a confirmation reply regarding the race entry, wonder if
    i'll have to pay on the sat. at the expo.
    im hoping to go straight to the expo on the sat. right from the plane,possibly by train
    as i hear it stops close to the expo.
  • kg
    also have no entry confirmation--hope it is possible to pay at the expo--went out yesterday to do a 20m run but was so bitterly cold that i had to pack in at 16m--just could not warm up at all even after putting in a fast (for me) 7min mile--hope the weather picks up as there is only really time for one more long run -- hope you got your long run in--keep up the training
  • jimimac
    ran for 1hr 15min on friday and 2hrs today
    will have to try for that 3hr. run this week
    i have checked the maps and i reckon that the best way from the airport to the expo will be by aerobus on the saturday then
    find the easiest way to my hotel at LA RAMBLAS district.
  • kg
    still no word from barcelona--am getting a bit worried--will e-mail them again today--did a 1hr run yesterday and felt fine and was about to extend it to two hours but was tracked down by two of my grandchildren and dragged off to the swimmers--the bus seems to be my best bet also as it stops at plaza catalunya where i get the tube to my accommodation--apparently the underground transport is superb with stops at all the places of interest
  • jimimac
    rest day today,will try e mailing today
    easy running for the rest of the week and then long run at weekend.
    will let you know.
  • kg
    sent another e-mail yesterday---still no reply---any luck yet
  • jimimac
    no reply regarding paying for the race,but have original reply on being accepted ,hopfully this will suffice.
    went for a run yesterday,but changed my route and before i noticed i was 2hrs out
    and had to return. of course i had drink and
    sweets for a 2/3hrs run. was completely knackered when i got home. i felt fine yesterday and today.
  • kg
    also still no reply from barcelona--contacted "TEAPOT" on another thread--he thinks that he paid his entry fee at the expo on the day before the race but didnt say what year he had ran it--hope this is still possible if they have not got my bank draft---did a 21 miler yesterday and felt good even though i was soaked through from 9m onward--3hr 10min--got up today & felt ok so went to gym--did 6m on treadmill in 47m--training is paying off--great relief to get the last long run over with--just a 10m road race next sat & taper down---keep at it
  • jimimac
    still havent been out for a run since saturday may try later today, just to keep
    in shape. do you know the price of the
    champion chip we have to use in the race.
  • kg
    the entry form has the chip at 10 euros---refundable after the race---the 45 euro entry fee included the cost of the chip--have e-mailed barcelona twice--still no reply--am only doing easy runs this week and am having second thoughts about the 10 mile race on sat--afraid of getting carried away and possibly injured--but am very tempted as i have not had a race since Nov and would like to find out what shape i am in---decisions, decisions
  • jimimac
    ive been out running twice this week a 3and a 5miler. will try 1 more next week.
    i looked in the marathon web site and found our names on the entry list at least we know
    we are registered.
    when are you going and should we meet at the expo on sat afternoon.
    did you go for your race.
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