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  • kg
    did the 10k on Sunday---46min 40sec--2mins over my best and my legs were wrecked aferwards and still are---the race itself was ok and could have went faster but didnt want to aggravate anything---will have to see a physio---what are you up to ??
  • jimimac
    have you been watching the football over the
    last week,so sorry for the celtic home and abroad.
    have just got a new pair of trainers but the
    weather has been terrible was just about to
    go out when the rain started.
    will really have to brave the weather and get those miles in.
    how is your training going.
  • kg
    was watching the football---very disappointed---would have wished Celtic to win the EUFA cup but not to be---still, both our teams in Europe next season---I
    went to the sports injury clinic at local university and found out my problem---had shin splints after Barcelona which have now gone due to the forced rest---but while in Majorca in April I was talked into playing in a 5-a-side tournament on a tarmac pitch--- this has caused a fair amount of muscle tears etc mainly in my hips and knee areas---seems I will be out of action for a couple of months--physio was horrified to hear I had raced last week---said I had done more damage---definitely NO MORE FOOTBALL--- am stuck in the gym on the bike and ski machines---desperately boring---am really missing running especially as the weather is great--it just isnt fair when i think of all those grinding winter runs ----
    what kind of trainers did you get
    how is your training going----keep at it and definitely DO NOT play any football
  • jimimac
    my trainers were sauncony cushion grid havent got the name ,but was out running a 10miler this afternoon in bright sunshine.
    shoes felt ok but due to the weather it had to be a run/walk effort but feel ok just now
    working later tonight. have been trying to
    put together a running schedule for the upcoming marathon,but the weather has not been very helpful. hope things get better
  • kg
    keep at it--- am envious as i havent had a decent pain-free run since Barcelona---seems so long ago----am now just resigned to no running for at least 6 more weeks---are you still aiming for Blackpool on the 22nd---if so best of luck
  • jimimac
    ive the east kilbride half marathon this
    week end then on to blackpool.
    training is so so because of the weather
    just have to wait and see i!ll keep you posted.
  • kg
    i wish i was fit enough to run any distance---physio is now talking about traction!!!! and all because of a silly 5-a-side fotball game---never again----good luck with the 1/2
  • jimimac
    the ek half marathon was in 1.44 in the bright sunshine,the BLACKPOOL MARATHON was also in very bright sunshine and my time was 4.20 and very red and sore after this
    event.ive slowly getting my running legs
    back together with somee light training
    finished a 9miler today.
    how are you havent heard from you for a
    while, everything ok?.
  • kg
    congrats on the good time for the ek half---what happened in the Blackpool race---were you injured?
    i stupidly did the Lisburn half marathon on 18th june----very tough course so was pleased with 1.45---- but legs are wrecked--have not been able to run since---looks as if i will be out for months rather than weeks----am stuck with cycling and swimming but its not the same----what are you aiming for next?
  • jimimac
    how are you . Havent run a race since the
    training very haphazard due to kids off
    school and decorating the hallway.
    Ive been wondering about the DUBLIN MARATHON
    havent you run this race before?
    hope things are well with you.
  • hi kg
    am not too bad ---have just returned from 2 wk holiday in Cyprus ---- injured back and hips are still sore --- longest run in last 4 wks has been 3 miles --- am well out of condition --- even worse i cracked a rib on holiday --- sorry to sound a real moaner but injury is a new experience for me
    Dublin Marathon is on 27th OCT ---- about 13 wks away ---doubt if i would be fit enough for the distance ---- it`s a great race --- good course with only one long horrible hill at 19 miles --- sports drinks and bars at nearly all water stations --- hpoe your training goes well
  • how have you been?
    have now entered the DUBLIN MARATHON
    will start serious training next week
    taking it easyish this week.
    did you run in the sunday 3k race.
    im looking forward to this race as havent
    run in many before now.
  • hi kg
    haven`t had a race since 18th june ---- still injured. Have been doing gym work but it is so boring---- miss the running badly---there is a 5 mile race tomorrow and i am trying to make up my mind to run but am afraid to make the injury worse --- if i could do it i would enter for Dublin --- will let you know what`s happening -- keep up the training
  • jimimac
    good to hear from you . have been out these last 3 days legs still feel heavy but will
    keep on going. maybe running in a 10k at paisley this weekend. will have to wait and see. just hang on in there.
  • kg
    ran the 5mile race ---- dismal time 39m53s--did it last year in 36m20s --- but i don`t feel too bad after it -- a ray of hope ---will see what i feel like after a night`s sleep --- i suppose after missing 3 mnths training i couldn`t expect much better --- i might enter a 10m race this sat-- good luck with the 10k
  • jimimac
    hope your feeling fine this morning, wont
    be running the 10k as mate cannot manage
    but will try a longer run on sat/sunday
    there are a few 10k races over the next couple of weeks . im dying to get into
    a race just for the buzz.
    speak to you later.
  • Hi kg
    ran a 10k race Sat 6/9/03 --- terrible --51 mins and i did it last year in 45 mins --- bad aches and pains after --- will have to find a decent physio -- the ones to date have been useless ---- how is your training going? are you on schedule for the Dublin Marathon?
  • jimimac
    stirling 10k TODAY time 47.05 weather cool
    flat course.
    EDINBURGH CAPITAL 10K next weekend and then
    DENNY 10K at the end of the month.
    training still a bit slow , have to get in
    longer runs, right knee stiil playing up
    but not when im running.
    hope things get better
  • hi kg,
    good time for the 10k--you must be on schedule for the Dublin Marathon -- am still injured --- managed 3x6 mile runs last week but only jogging and each time was sore the day after --- am trying a lot of stretching but no effect so far --- i enrolled on a Pilates course but it was cancelled due to lack of applicants -- still i will keep on trying-- be careful with the knee and keep up the training
    went for a 10miler on saturday and ran the
    EDINBURGH 10K on sunday at just under
    47mins.feeling ok and the knee held up
    but still a few twings walking up hills
    will rest mon/tues then back to training
    rest of week with a long run at the weekend
    as no race planned.
    rather cold here today.
  • hi ken,
    good time again for the 10k---- don`t know what`s happening to me --- have now got a pulled Achilles ---- my body is falling to bits--- but at last have found a good physio--she has fixed my left leg and hip, so now i only need the right side done--- definitely no more football for me --- are you still on for the Dublin marathon? My last run was on Sat --- 8 miles and felt ok but it was so slow --- physio reckons that in trying to protect my right hip i have stressed the Achilles--- just can`t win ---take care of the knee
  • jimimac
    went for a run yesterday and must have done
    something to my knee,it is very painful
    walking up or down stairs.
    ill rest it for a couple of days maybe apply ice although there is no swelling
    and things were going ok for DUBLIN.just have to wait and see.
  • Hi kg
    fully sympathise with you--- did the pain start during the run?? Maybe you are doing too much work on hard surfaces or possibly the shoes are knackered. It`s that difficult to pinpoint a reason and often it`s a combination of several little things.
    Do the sensible thing i.e rest and ice with possibly a really good sports massage--- it seems to be working for me, albeit very slowly. A week off at this stage won`t be detrimental to the Dublin race. Take it easy
  • jimimac
    ran a 10k in DENNY on sunday with a time of 45min leg felt ok, but sore today.
    trained for 4 days last week and sometime
    the pain was at the start then faded and
    then again sometime during the run, but it never stopped me from running.
    will try for a long steady run at the
    hope thing are ok with you?
  • Hi kg,
    am not surprised your leg is sore after a 45 min 10k. Usually takes about a week to recover fully after a fast run like that. Good fast time--- shows you`re on target for Dublin. I see they have changed the course again due to roadworks--- basically it has been reversed which means that the horrible hill at 19 miles is now a lovely downhill at around 6-7 miles.I wish i was fit enough to enter. If the weather is good and you stay injury free you could get a PB here.Keep at it.
  • jimimac
    thanks for the words of encouragement but
    ran training run of around 5 mile on saturday and my knee was painful and sore
    on the sat night has eased of now but what
    to do should i try for some more training runs or should i wait untill DUBLIN and see
    how it goes.
  • kg,
    do the classic RICE --- would be awful to miss the main race --- my physio recommends icing for ten mins every hour, immediately followed by application of a hot water bottle. The theory is that the heat rushes in and flushes out all the toxins --- it seems to work for Paula Radcliffe. Bear in mind that any training after 17th Oct will have no bearing on your fitness for the Marathon, so take it very easy---- good luck
    I have managed 4x5 miles for the last 2 wks but am still sore after each run. Hopefully I am on the mend
  • jimimac+
    went for a run last thursday 8miles ,knee
    felt not to bad then a 14mile on sat.and
    I could feel my left thigh getting tight,
    Im sure it was trying to compensate for
    my right knee.
    No more running until the race then see
    how it goes. Will let you know how I get on.
  • hi kg,
    all you can do now is to take it easy until the race.With a bit of luck the knee will hold up. I haven`t had a run for almost 2 weeks now --- have got a chest infection. have not been right since Barcelona.Still, we have to put up with these niggles. Best wishes for Dublin and I wish I could be running also. When i get better I am going to go on a very slow training build-up aiming for Barcelona 2004.
  • jimimac
    thank for the wishes have now got a slight
    cold present fron the wife
    all packed and will keep taking lemsip for
    this throat right up to the race.
    will let you know how i get on next week,
    there would appear to be a few formulite
    members going.
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