Please tell me why..................

people say you can run with a cold but not if its below the neck, why?


  • Because it means you have a chest infection and apart from the risk of triggering an asthma attack if you are vulnerable it does not make sense to try and train when your lungs are affected.
  • Agree with Bear. A head cold is basically the sinuses.

    A chest cold includes the whole respiratory tract and infection could spread into the lungs... as my Granny used to say 'it will give you pneumonia'.

    I've found I can easily run with a headcold and often it actually clears the pathways.

    ..anything more of a cold and you'll end up with a sore throat, cough or even worse.
  • Puffing bertie, even though they say you can run with a cold if its only in the head I wouldn't do a hard training session with a cold, if you are going out keep it easy/steady and prehaps a shorter session.

    A cold below your neck will affect your breathing and so best not to run.
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