We've All Run a Marathon

Okay, bored at work and got thinking and I imagine that 99% of runners on here have run a marathon.

Lot's of newcomers think "I'll never be able to cope with the distance". But just add your training miles up. I've run 26.2 miles over 2 days so therefore I've run a marathon, not raced one of course and my time was around 48 hours I think :o), but I've still covered the distance, albeit with a sleep break inbetween. So just about everyone can cover the distance, now it's just a case of being able to cover it in one go and without a 6 hour sleep break :o). Interestingly I think 48 hours still wouldn't have had me as the last finisher at FLM :o).

What's the point of this? I don't know, but I've got 5 less minutes at work now :O).


  • Nice one Bryn, this week I ran an Ultra (in your definition that is...).
  • Flippin eck! This is easy!

  • It's taken me over a week to do mine. Anyone got any tips on getting faster?
  • It's taken me since 6th September to do a marathon.

    Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't doing a real one next weekend.
  • Some people find the training just too hard, and only do the races. It's an interesting approach, and one adopted by a couple of forumites. I think that you've got to race every week to get away with it though.

    I'll stick to daily training.
  • Blisters- I'd say URR adopted that this summer but it was a case of racing once every few days or even every day and he's had some cracking results. He's trained too, but I think rather than his training it's been his frequent racing that's gotten him quite so sharp. (Hope you don't mind me using you as an example Urban!)

    That was off a good base though in his original training for the marathon..
  • Bryn - you will soon find out the difference between running or racing a marathon. Most of us just run them. I hope you enjoy your first.

  • I know NZC, just messing around and don't want to denigrate the achievments of the many briliant marathon runners around.

    I think racing a marathon is going to be very difficult, I think running one for a good well-trained athlete should be tough, but racing one should be near impossible as with a shorter race then you've not got that much further to go before you've finished if you blow up, but with marathon racing I think if you're pace is even say 10 seconds outside your optimum pace you'll pay the price at the end.
  • >> "now it's just a case of being able to cover it in one go and without a 6 hour sleep break " <<

    That counts me out then


    (Hi! Bryn)
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