Running in East Kilbride

Apparently I've got to go and work in East Kilbride and I like to do my training off road where at all possible. Perused the map and the land to the east looks interesting and I'll probably be down that end, does anyone know it? Can I run along the river in the dark without falling in? Or go up onto the moorland between EK and Hamilton? Do I need to watch out for wild animals like wolves and bears? :-))


  • There are some trails through Calderglen. One of our routes is to run down the Expressway towards Hamilton and turn into the glen on the right, just before High Blantyre turn-off. Can exit in St Leonards or continue to Newhousemill Road and on through to Torrance House/Strathaven Road.

    I have run the glen in pitch dark on two occasions but I was always following, never leading. I wouldn't advise it. V dark, muddy, branches, roots, boulders, etc. and it's a long drop down to the river!

    There are some great farm roads (unlit) around there too... across the Strathaven Road round Langlands, Auldhouse and Strathaven.

    If no-one else pops up with a suggestion try contacting the Calderglen Harriers
  • thanks for that, eyespy21
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