travel, jet-lag and marathons

i might have to travel with work to thailand in april. given that the FLM is on the 13th, and that I would probably fly back on the 10th (arriving london 11th), do people think this is possible?

obviously not ideal preparation, but has anyone done something similar?

any guidance appreciated



  • i do a lot of LD travel and i think you should be ok.

    3 days is usually enough to get over this kind of thing, particularly since you are travelling east to west (which has always been easier for me).

    i asume you are coming out on the midnight flight from BGK which gets in the following morning in LHR....what i usually do is go straight to bed when i get in for a couple of hours.

    getup early afternoon and usually am fine by evening

    it's not ideal, but at least you've got a ready made excuse if you miss your target time
  • You'll be OK. I arrived in Chicago late Friday afternoon and ran the marathon 36 hours later, without any jet lag problems. It's when you're flying in the other direction that your sleep patterns are more disrupted.

    Don't worry.

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