Liverpool Half Marathon

I heard that the Liverpool Half Marathon might be using a different route from the usual (and very hilly!) route normally used. Anyone know if this is the case?


  • I heard that it may be a different route but the website ( shows the old route. It is NOT hilly though. It is mainly flat but does have a couple inclines, one of which is quite tough but not to long.
  • Apparently they've now decided that they are going to have exactly the same route as last year.

    Glad to hear that it's mainly fast, it's my first half marathon.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Did my 2nd Liverpool 1/2 at the w/e and enjoyed it except that a few small things (mile markers and the broken finish line clock) were a bit irritating. For those who completed it, the results are on the website.
  • I thought the course was supposed to be flat.

    It was my first 1/2 and like John I found it a bit disappointed that the clock was broken.

    Did they have a celebrity starter like last year? I missed the start because I was in the toilet.
  • No they didn't have a celebrity starter - it was whatshisface who won the first big brother series. I got my fastest time for 17 years so was more than happy with the route although it was a bit hillier than I expected.
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