Temp running partner near Maidstone

I'll be in Maidstone on a training course for 3 weeks from 2nd Sept and am keen to keep the training going. Is there anyone who runs between 8:30 and 9:30 min miles, 20-30 miles a week who would be interested in a few midweek runs? Hope to hear from you soon!!




  • Lamb,
    I am 3 miles from maidstone, But like u know i am only upto 12 mins at the mo. Maybe by sept i will be upto 2025 mins. Is this any good. If not i could show u the local runs i use.

  • Hi Nic - thanks! Shall we email nearer the time? I can also email you my mobile no.

    Cheers! lamb
  • Hi Lamb,
    Sure i think my email address is in my profile. Are you sure i am going to be quick enough to keep up with you?

  • Cool. Hey Nic, don't worry, we can still have a nice run out and maybe you'll do more than you think you can!
  • Sounds good to me. I look forward to it.

  • Hi Lamb, I'm near Maidstone (originally from Maidstone), but I can't run in the week there as I work in London, however I'm going over on Saturday to run around Mote Park (where the Maidstone Race for Life takes place, 1 lap = 5k), so if you are around at the weekend let me know, if not try Mote Park as well.
  • Hi Caz - thanks for the tip, I think I get kicked out at the weekend! BTW, was told that I shouldn't leave the grounds of the police training school as it's really rough, what do you reckon as a local?
  • Lol,
    It is a bit rough up by the police taining school. But Around mote park is fine. Plus i run up along the north downs way, Which is a nicve quite run with just horse riders and mountain bikers. No oiks around

  • Cool - sounds ideal! Have had enough of oiks round here!
  • Yeah Nic's right the part around the Police Headquarters is rough (handy having the Police Station there), however Mote Park and that is fine. Don't go running around the park on your own in the evening, but you don't need me to tell you that.
  • How far is it from the police to safer areas eg the park or the sports centre where the harriers meet?
  • You're talking about a 5 min drive to Mote Park (tops) and say 10 to the Harriers.
  • Unfortunately I don't have a car - is getting a bus safe or are we talking taxi? At least it's not too far.
  • By the way the Maidstone Half Marathon is next month on Sunday 22nd and they have a 10k the same day. I'm doing the 10k.
  • Not sure about the bus routes if they go to Mote Park direct from there, but a short cab ride should be no problem.
  • Yeah, probably best be on the safe side! I might be able to bag a lift from someone in the harriers or something, otherwise taxi... Thanks!
  • Lamb,
    I am sure i can drive the extra mile to pick you up :)

  • Cheers, Nic!!
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