runners nipple

its sore and bleeding help???


  • Get Kimilosan from the chemist, leave it un covered as much as possible. Cold pressed lavender oil also works a treat but you can end up smelling a bit like an old woman!!

    (My Mum is a midwife who deals with this prob all the time)

    I'd also leave the nipple clamps for a while ;-)
  • thanks for that kkd but what will i do without my clamps..
  • Buy a tighter bra.........
  • johnny

    are you wearing cotton? i used to suffer with this. As i have my own T-Shirt printing company, i have managed to find a supplier of performance T-Shirts with wicking qualities, so the sweat goes through the shirt then evaporates. Always comfortable, no nipple rubbing and no need for ironing after wash, i also use 'thermo reflective vinyl for our club logo (as silver stripes on safety wear) comfort and safety at night, magic!
  • yes i usually wear tshirts i get from finishing races
  • johnny

    Dont!, with all due respect, these are rubbish for running in, and best used just for promoting the event down the pub or any other non sweaty activity. Performance shirts are soooooo much better, and available from most sports/running shops or us (but only navy or white at present)
  • Johnny, I suffer from bleeding nipples when racing, but not training, so it must be the material of our clubs vest. I have found that putting two plasters across each nipple stops the problem.
  • You will find that Boots micropore tape applied before a run prevents the problem. Just put an "X" of the tape over the said nipple and you'll be fine.
    Rip off smartly afterwards.
  • this is a common problem and there are many ways of preventing it

    correct kit
    tape over the nips with micropore, plasters, zinc oxide tap or similar before a run
    use vaseline or bodyglide instead of taping for short runs
    try Nipguards (Google it)

    and when they scab up - have fun!

  • tap=tape
  • Vasekine Ok for a few miles but wears off -for longer runs it is defo the micropore -got me thru the Wilmslow half anyway !
  • I'd agree with others that tape is the way to go, as DrK said Vaseline wears off.

    I just use elastoplast, cheap band aid things.

  • zinc oxide tape is cheaper still - one roll lasts for ages.............has stayed on for at least 13 hours during an Ironman including the swim..............

    although saying that - one strip came off early into a 3hr run recently - bled to bits on that nip.............
  • ....perphaps i'm lucky?, never had the problem since i stopped running in cotton!
  • Usually find it is the technical tops that cause me to bleed if no protection is applied.
    Use ASDA smartprice plasters now which are cheap and stay on very well
  • nfs - you may be lucky........I run in various tech t's and vests and still get nipple bleed if I don't tape.......some are softer than others though so I guess material still has a big part to play........

    or maybe the little fellas are just sensitive souls.......

  • FB I am like you, I wear a range of tops for my runs/races, and I have to tape up otherwise I bleed like hell.
  • thanks for all the replies so far i didnt realise it was so common
  • oh well, that's blown my no cotton theory out of the window! i wonder if the fit makes a difference, the shirts i use now that never rub are fairly close fitting, perphaps they don't move up and down and cause friction?
  • I always used to think this was such a funny injury and had little sympathy. Until yesterday (9 miles in the rain). Now I understand exactly how painful it is and embarrasing when the cream seeps through your work shirt. I nearly had to resign. I'm gonna try the tape. Do you have to shave your nipple area/chest for it to stick?
  • JK - I go for a tiny scrap of micropore tape - no fur gets covered.

    I agree with FB - it's not just a 'technical' vs cotton issue.
  • jk - just slap it on the hair as well........a bit of pain tugging it off won't hurt.............

    I'm going to have to review my latest batch of tape - the buggers came off again halfway through Beachy Head marathon at the weekend even though I made sure they were on properly - maybe a poor batch of glue.............little fellas were complaining a bit by the time I found someone with some vas to slap over them..........that saved the day for them but still sore when I finished........
  • Good points there from FB & JK - even tech tops will rub you when they get wet, and then you get "pert" from the cold wind - ouch!

    If you're in a race and start getting sore then look out for the St Johns ambulance who will have vaseline to hand, you will usually pass several teams of these on the bigger/longer events, just smear a blob on each side & bobs your uncle - (this works - Ahem - "downstairs" too!)

    Incidentally, not many people realise that you can carry a good "blob" of vaseline quite easily in a folded over piece of clingfilm that will fit in the "key" pocket of your running shorts....Just thought I'd mention it...
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