Indicator LED Strip Lights

I saw a lady at the gym this evening who had obviously just been out running in the dark and she had some really brilliant looking led lights. There was a red strip of LED's on her back (on a black fabric pouch) and a white strip worn on the front of her leg. I asked her where she got them from and apparently her husband got them from a bike show for about £5. They are called "Indicator TM". I have had a few searches on the net and can only find the red one on it's own for about £10. Does anyone know where I can get the red, and the white as well for a good price? Thanks! :-)


  • Can't find the Indcator ones, but have found a Brooks version

    Brooks Nightlife
  • Aldi have some very cheap at the moment if you hurry (they first went on sale last week).
  • as an alternative - many pet shops sell LED collars for dogs - plastic with a velcro can rig these up to run with.........
  • Ditto on Aldi. They are cheap and work great.
  • halfords LED bike lights with belt clip, green for front, red for back.
  • Lots of cool shiny stuff here

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    Ooooh, shiny.

  • I got the Aldi ones and used them for the first time tonight, really good, amused the trick or treating kids!

    £2.99 for two arm/leg bands, cant go wrong really!
  • Try this site, seems to be what you're after:
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    Diane Reilly wrote (see)
    Indicators have almost these are available with in-built legends, ie, standard legends available r, y & b for phase indication and on & off, led flashers and led buzzer flashers.Led buzzer flashers have the dual ability of flashing and giving an audio output from a single unit. led   par lights


    6 years since the last post. This thread is like watching Cold Case.

  • spooky

    I found my red Indicator light today and as I attached it to the velcro on the back of my cap I wondered where I could buy a white one from

  • Ethan Hansen & daniel87 - you two are idiots.
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