Tuesday session 14 Jan 2003

Last night was an indoor cross train session, bike and rower, just for interest I put an HRM on myself to see where it was relative to running. On the bike I was in the mid-140's and on the rower high 130's to low 140's. This is broadly equivalent to my long run pace although it certainly didn't feel that easy! (possibly to do with working undeveloped muscle groups quite hard).

Thaw conditions have hit Germany and yesterdays snow is melting fast.

Today: Treadmill session plus rower.
Why: Knee feels quite good but need to not push it too hard too soon.
Last rest: Thursday
Last Hard: N/A

Incidently I have also started doing sit-ups regularly and after having started with an embarrassing 15 three weeks ago I'm now up to a conmfortable 30.


  • Good morning, Martin! Pleased to hear that conditions underfoot in Lieberswurstland are getting less hazardous.

    What: 4 mile walk/run, mostly walk. Limited more by the fact that I was wearing three layers of non-technical gear plus a coat than by anything else.
    Why: Because I couldn't sleep and the central heating hadn't come on yet.
    Last hard day: Fairly hard one on Sunday.
    Last rest day: Monday week.
  • Morning all. Well earned rest for me today. Have ran 3 days on the trot including last night's club session which was hard. 4 m @ 8min pace + hill rep session.

    what : nowt
    why : rest
    last hard :yesterday
    last rest : Friday

    I think i will begin to taper for Helsby and ease off on the schedule for a few days. I'm very keen to go under 1h50 for the first time and i think the boost from that will out weigh the lost training.
  • Morning all!

    What: 6 Miles easy
    Why: Training Schedule says so!

    Last Hard: Last Nights Speed Session! (10 Minute Warm up at 10KMPH, then 3 * 1KM at 15KMPH with 2 Minute Jog Recoveries)

    Last Rest: Sunday!

    Looking for to this Sunday's 10 Mile race at Dartford.

  • Hello :)

    What: some form of speed work. This'll be my first speed training - I actually woke up in the night worrying about whether I'd be able to work out how to do it!...
    Why: it's on my marathon schedule

    Last hard: 6m last night felt hard
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Morning everyone! Back from my week in Scotland, where I had some lovely runs (bit nippy though). Swam yesterday, and today it'll be 4 miles easy plus some weights
    Why: its on the schedule
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: Sun
  • Morning all. Feeling good today!
    What: 1:05, 8 miles, speed session. 90 secs; 3 mins; 6 mins; 12 mins - roughly equivalent to sub 3:30 schedule
    Why: schedule and feeling determined
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: yesterday
    Thoughts whilst running: this might be a log too far for some of you, but I always forget and sometimes, well, you know you should listen to your running self...
    So here's my salient thoughts...
    1. Must get to a track for speed sessions (was that 6:20 I ran really a mile, or was it under?)
    2. Must get new trainers. The £20 New Balance ones I got on an internet clearance sale are fine - but are they good enough for a marathon?
    3. Must get to a physio as this left leg thing isn't going away and I've got lots of people coming to see me in Connemara
    (as I said 'salient' thoughts, those relevant to running only!)
  • Don't want my left leg to go away, just the niggle from the hip through to the knee. Oh, god, forgot to stretch again!
  • Morning everyone, feeling good, despite lingering knee niggles...
    What: 6 Miles Steady Dad Fartlek in 38:02
    Why: Loosen/test legs for tomorow nights speed session
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Yesterday
    Good Running all...
    P.S. Laura, start tapering! ;)
  • what: visit physio and see what he says re knee
    why: wait & see
    last hard day: Mon
    last rest : sat

    this knee thing is obviously infectious: good luck Snicks,KK, MartinH

    Had to change the piccy - had too many complaints that the real me was too annoying, so now am young, blonde and in uniform and spend my time rescuing people.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What : 4 mile easy recovery jog after yesterdays longer effort
    Why : legs feel better after a recovery run (isn't there a thread about this somewhere...)
    Last Hard : yesterday
    Last rest : Sunday
  • Morning Folks!

    What : Club effort session
    Why : I need to pick up some speed and I can't do speedwork on my own

    Last Hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Sat
  • Wotcha.

    What: Club night.
    Why: Cos it's club night.
    Hard: Sunday race.
    Rest: Yesterday.

    Dull but true!
  • Morning all...

    What - 5m slow instead of the speed session on the schedule (which I'll do tomorrow instead of the 5m slow)
    Why - out last night, not feeling bright enough for speedwork :(
    Last rest - yesterday
    Last hard - Sunday, long run at marathon pace

    Don't feel like going out at all....yawn....but it'll do me good!
  • Morning,

    What: forum recovery day. (Keep forum contributions to under 70.)
    Why: ask Achilles. :)
    Last hard: yesterday.

    Paul, can't see you have any problem with a sub50 on the basis of that session!
    Welcome back to the Training thread Vrap, and good luck everyone with niggles.

    I'm resting today like everyone told me to.

    Have a good day all.
  • OK, make that 1.50 paul!
  • Hi all!

    Good luck to knee people.

    What: 75 minutes on the road, probably about 6 miles.

    Cause I said I'm going to try for it.

    Beginning to take it more in my stride, but left leg is still very very stiff. I might investigate a massage today.

    So far so good. Run well.
  • First session with personal trainer today, and then club run tonight (think its hills whooppee).

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Good luck to the injured parties - speedy recovery to you.

    What: Rest (Yippee!)
    Why: Two days' consecutive running after some fairly erratic training over Christmas.
    Last hard: Yesterday, which was supposed to be an easy recovery run.
    Last rest: Saturday.

    Still having pacing problems. Went out last night for a 4-mile recovery run. I didn't think I was running that fast (except maybe at the start) but ran it only one minute slower than the same route done at tempo pace on Friday. I was trying to take it easy after my longer run on Sunday (also supposed to be slow but run at about the same pace!) but somehow it didn't seem to happen. At this rate I shall end up injuring something.
  • Goooooooooooooooood Morning Forumites!!!!
    what: first Yasso 800's session to give it a try. mile warm up then 6 reps with recoveries and mile cool down. Total 7 miles in 1 hour.
    Why: something different for my intervals

    Last hard: before today, Sunday
    Last rest: Friday

    Minkin, do you use an HRM? I had the same problem as you till I started using one to help control my enthusiasm and it has made a difference to my slow runs that are now actually slow.
  • Morning all.

    What- rest
    why-after 8 days training on the trot, I kneed it!!!!!

    Last hard- yesterday
    next hard tomorrow

    Have a good un all
  • Minkin - four miles at one minute less is 15 seconds a mile (you can tell I'm an accountant can't you). Which means that you actually did slow a reasonable amount.

    The suggestion about the HRM is a good one but if you're running similar routes you could always divide the course into say four segments then set a time goal for each segment.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    MartinH - didn't think of it like that. I suppose it is a reasonable amount slower, although to be honest it didn't feel like it! My legs really ached afterwards. part of that was probably the 'getting back into a proper running schedule after the Christmas period' factor, and part was that I honestly think the run was too hard after Sunday's longer effort (which again, was at this kind of pace). Your idea of dividing the run into segments is a good one - I'll try that next time (I don't have a HRM). Many thanks.
  • Hi all,
    What: speedwork (inc 6x300m in 54 min)then had to walk at 40 min for 2min).
    Tonight: Body Steps
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: today

    Having a bad day today, probably because it's miserabble outside! But 1 good thing: I think I did the speed session alright.
  • Morning All - oops sorry Afternoon All!

    What - Rest Day
    Why - Coz that's what Schedule says and it's Hubby's turn to be out (training junior footballers).

    Last Hard - Yesterday 5m including some good hard hills

    Last Rest - Saturday

  • afternoon all

    what: session with Wirral runners - probably abbreviated set of hill reps
    (btw these are ~500+ metres in length, with a climb of 30-35 metres).
    why: want to do *a bit* of quality work; also having looked closely at a 1:25000 map covering the Helsby course, it's dawned on me there's an 80m climb between the lowest and highest points (miles 4 & 10 respectively) on the course. Knew it climbed a bit, particularly after halfway, didn't appreciate it went up that much.

    last hardish day: Fri
    last rest day: Mon
    last longish day: Sun

    best wishes for rapid recovery to all those with bugs (dreading picking one up now) and knee probs.

    SiT - belated congratulations - how much lost sleep so far?
  • afternoon folks -

    commiserations to all with sore knees and assorted lurgies - get well soon.

    looks like a seriously overworked my HR yesterday cos I'm knackered today. ;-)

    what: was meant to be 3x2M @ 10K pace off 90 second recoveries, but fell apart on the 2nd rep and wimped out at 1.5M; then did 5x800m so as not to feel completely useless.

    why: don't ask

    last rest: yesterday, but cross-trained far too heavily on the "what the hell use is an HRM?" thread, so I've only myself to blame

    last hard day: Sunday

  • Afternoon folks, bit breezy up here!!
    what- speed session with club( dont ask until i get there!!)
    last hard- sunday long run
    last rest- saturday
  • Afternoon all.

    What: week's holiday to look after Mary and new born continues so took advantage and did quality pace session of 3 times 12 mins with 2.5 mins recovery in between. Followed by cookign lunch, shopping and visit to UK embassy to sort out passport for Lucas.

    Why: Key session from my timeoutdoors marathon programme

    Last rest: Friday

    Last hard: Sunday


    P.S. Thanks Laura and Marmite master and others for kind congratulations.
  • Afternoon all!

    Take it easy all those with injuries!

    What: club session to include 3 mile time trial. Can't say I'm looking forward to this, but it'll do me good in the end.

    Why: speed work

    Last hard: Sunday's race

    Last rest: yesterday

    Had my massage, which was lovely and sorted out most of the post race soreness, but still have very tender lower calves, so will have to monitor them!
  • PM
    What: Full Body Weights Session plus 15 minutes high cadance biking, gym
    Why: Same as ususal really
    Rest as abovem
    Laters all
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