Temp training partner near Maidstone

I'll be in Maidstone on a training course for 3 weeks from 2nd Sept and am keen to keep the training going. Is there anyone who runs between 8:30 and 9:30 min miles, 20-30 miles a week who would be interested in a few midweek runs? Hope to hear from you soon!!




  • c'mon, there must be someone! :(
  • Hi, Alex.

    You've just described my training weekly schedule, leading up to the Maidstone half on 22 September.

    Am in Majorca from 12th to 16th, but can offer a run on 10th or 11th Sep or 24th/25th Sep.

  • Hi Snoop, that'd be great, 10th 0r 11th will still be in Kent... Shall we email nearer the time? I've been following the RW half mara schedule and am now in week 8 or so.
  • I'll be in touch, then, a few days before, to see when you can get a passout from your course.

    Let me know also where you'll be staying so I can come over to you.

    Looking forward to it.
  • It's at the Police Training school, not sure where exactly that is... and i think the sessions finish at 5-5.30.

    I'll email you my mobile no. in case I don't have internet access.

  • BTW, if there's anyone else in the area, please get in touch, I'll need to do 3 weekday sessions a week!

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