RE Classic Gaff

Mini is top of the class in RE (which I guess shows the value of a good old fashioned well rounded pagan upbringing if nothing else)

From her class work book I found this classic

'There are many varied and diverse religions and beliefs in the world... some of which aren't very well known - like the Quackers'.


  • Hi SS- if you like stuff about student bloopers, etc, there are two books (anthologies) by Richard Lederer called "Anguished English" and "More Anguished English" which are a good laugh, stuff like "Romeo's last wish was to be laid by Juliet", or "Squad helps dog bite victim" longer messed-up essays, etc.
  • that is very funny.
    especially 'cos i'm probably the forum's best known (if not only) Qua(c)ker.
    you can tell her that we held our annual meeting around a giant duck-pond this summer too (york uni)
    well done mini!
  • Mum was putting little poppet to bed and they were kneeling by the bedside.
    "Let's say our prayer to Jesus" says Mum
    "No, Mummy. Tonight I want to say our prayers to Harold".
    "Harold? Who's Harold?"
    "It's God's real name. You know....

    Our Father who art in heaven
    Harold be thy name"
  • if quakers are supposed to be so good, how come they invented porridge? explain that if you can.
  • Classic
  • Did they invent porridge, I thought they only got their oats ?
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    Whoever invented porridge deserve a medal. Breakfast food of the gods, IMHO.
  • ..but never with salt in it :S
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