Tamp training partner near Maidstone

I'll be in Maidstone on a training course for 3 weeks from 2nd Sept and am keen to keep the training going. Is there anyone who runs between 8:30 and 9:30 min miles, 20-30 miles a week who would be interested in a few midweek runs? Hope to hear from you soon!!




  • Hi Lamb,

    You could try Maidstone Harriers, their quite a friendly crowd.
    Rob Bright
    Telephone: (01622) 744187
    Rob's wife Jane run's & without meaning to be rude is also quite slow [sorry]
  • Thanks and yes, that was rude! Don't let other forumites catch you saying stuff like that. It gives runners a bad name!
  • Too late!

    No-one on here is slow, we are all running for a reason, and whether we are 5 min milers or 15 min milers we are all achieving!
  • Cheers, NN! That's the spirit of the forum!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Lamby,

    Don't pay any attention to that snidey comment from Big Tim.

    It's runners with attitudes like that who have put me off joining a running club because I 'm 'quite slow' and only struggle along at 10 min miles. Maybe I should just pack it all in as I'm so sub-standard (NOT!!!!!!!!)

  • Lamb, I aspire to a 8.30 minute mile!
  • I think you have all got it very wrong. With the information I gave surely I was only trying to be very helpful. My dad runs, My mum used to run for many years & my sister has just started. If I thought what you were doing was of no use I would not have tried to help.
    If you want help I would like to give it in the hope that one day many of you realise that there are lots of clubs looking you runner's just like you. I notice nobody else has come up with any ideas for The Lamb.
    Some of the above comments are rather hurtful & i'm sorry my helping is of no help.
    But I'm willing to forgive you all.
    Keep up the training
  • Hi Big Tim,

    Yes, comments were not kind to you, including mine, and I know Lamb is grateful for the contact details for the club.

    Best Wishes, Paul
  • Yes I am Big Tim and have already emailed Rob! problem with forums (and emailing) is you can't convey tone of voice and all those nuances that you can verbally, so there can be misunderstandings! I am grateful for the help, especially as I would probably not be venturing outside the grounds unless I was with a local in the know...
  • Big Tim, just had an email from Rob and it looks like I'll be going along on Wednesdays for their 6-7 mile training session, fantastic! Thanks a lot!
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