nuisance phone calls

Had a few nuisance calls over the last year. Nothing too disturbing but always in early hours of morning.
Last Thursday night at 00:40 there I was listening to some juvenile drivel with a big smile on my face because the dick head had forgotten to withold his number which was flashing up on my call display.
So, armed with his mobile phone number, I now need some really creative suggestions as to how I get my own back.


  • Doesn't sound a go9od idea to me.

    Would try other avenues to stop you getting called in the first place.
  • Damn that's sensible.
  • Is it possible to have just that particular number blocked from calling you?
  • Give him a ring about 7am on a Sunday morning and tell him you're returning his call. Much more fun than being sensible!
  • Airhorn/whistle down the line at 4am should do the trick.

    But do it from a phonebox like.
  • just rung it occasionally in the hope someones mobile near you rings too... bingo :-)
  • Blocking his calls solves my problem but I would quite like him to get the message that his behaviour is anti social. I don't really want to just phone him and tell him so because it would probably end in a pointless slanging match.

    I do have the advantage that I work nights so have ample opportunity to return his calls should I feel so inclined.

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    I'd get someoneelse to do the dirty work for you - post the number somewhere, should get a good response for him
  • Make up a prostitute style card with his number on and stick it in a phonebox (or several).
  • rise above it - will you REALLY feel better if you behave like this to$$er?

    Will any of this matter in 10 years?
  • My number's been on for months and no one has called me.
  • :-)

    David B

    not seen you round Tesco carp ark for a while
  • I now wear overalls and help women with their trollies - some of them are so grateful.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Pass his number on to BT and the police.

    That will *really* get the message across..........
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The nuisance caller that is, not DavidB. :o)
  • lol Nessie - hope he got that second post in time...
  • Insert an add in the local paper 'looking for a friend' columns - young attractive gay male looking for similar' - will cost you a couple of quid but worth it just for nuisance value - (you could phone it yourself and ask about add just to check his reaction) (if you get a date out of it it's backfired!! (and when advert has been done post his mobile on here so we can all call as well (with holding numbers of course)
  • Hello Nessie, can I help you with your trolly?
  • I'd just be grateful someone was calling me.
  • A guy on a motorbike forum had this problem a while ago. He put the number up on the forum and we all had a free for all :o) the caller must have had hundreds of phone calls over the week or so it was on the forum.
  • ?In phone booth, on pic of er lady advertising services??
  • Thats it lets have his number
  • Are those cards in phoneboxes from prostitutes then?? Bloody hell I just thought I was having a lucky roll (so to speak).
  • Excellent mix of sensible and spiteful. Thanks.

    Someone posted that I should rise above it and I know you are absolutely right but...

    Posting number here an option.

    Watch this space....
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