It's that time of the year again when the clocks change and any run after work in the evening needs to be done with a headlight (at least if you live in the middle of nowhere like me).

I'm currently using a cheap Energiser unit bought in the USA for around $15. It has a 2 white LEDs or a single red one that's useful for military operations and the like. Small enough and light enough but not quite bright enough for my liking. Also the field of vision is very narrow.

Anyone have any recommendations for a better unit?


  • This comes up a lot. The usual concensus is that the Petzl Tikka plus is the best/best value one out there. Retails between £15-20 from Wiggle from memory.
  • I've got a Tikka and it's good but I've also heard M&S do a good one.
  • Thanks for the responses.

    So looking at the Petzl range they seem to have:

    Tikka Plus
    Tikka XP
    and also Mya XP (small separate battery unit on the back of the head)

    Anyone have any experience with either of the XP models?
  • Myo XP is much the best model of all the current headtorches, with the possible exception of the BD equivalent that I have not seen or tried.

    The Tikka XP moves around too much on the forehead -too front heavy- while the Myo is about as solid as you get. You do need the extra over the head headband that comes with it to make it most comfortable for running with.

    If I was buying a headtorch now I would be buying the MYo XP. I bought one for my wife and haven't stolen it from her (cos I love her), but will borrow it if she isn't using it.

    I use a BD Ion for my runs on road at night, only switching it on to shine at the rare car that comes my way. The strap wraps around my wrist and cinches down usefully so you can't drop it. I don't use a headtorch as a rule unless I have to.

  • I have a Myo XP. Although it's a bit heavier than the popular Tika, I found it surprisingly comfortable and stable. But, David is right about the extra strap - it tended to slip down to rest on my ears otherwise.

    Can't compare it to any other torches, but it's definitely very bright (dazzlingly so, and way too bright to look at directly). I'm partially sighted, so perhaps find it less effective than most would. Even so, using the wide-angle beam, I was happy running though my local (unlit) park at night, and could even manage through woods with a little caution (totally dark otherwise). I imagine it must be fine for folks with good eyes.
  • Does no-one else use the excellent Silva headtorches? Yes they are pricey, but they work (like strapping a car headlight to your head - without the weight!). Coming from a country where it's dark half the year, they are perfect for night running off road. I struggled for years with a Petzl Mega Zoom headtorch - compared to the Silva, it's like trying to use a candle.

    Ultrasport in Shropshire are the place to get them.
  • The trouble with Silva is you either go for one with an external battery pack which are very bright - but not that convenient, or you go for one with the inbuilt batteries, which are apparently not that comfy on the head.

    The new Petzl XP is in a different league to the old Megas. It really can be used to run at night.
  • Petzl XP for me, love it.
  • ford focus bloody fantastic on main beam........
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