Speed Work (week2)

This morning went for my speed session outside, Scheduled 5M ( inc6x300m, 200mjog)50 mins.

So I ran 25 min, did the speed work and then turn round. At 40 min: walk for 2min then run again until 54 min and finish the distance back home walking.

1- If I do the speed work at the beginning, would I be too tired to carry on running the rest of the session

2- If I do it at the end of the session, would I have enough energy left to do it properly.

3- carry on the way I did today

4- any other suggestion?( and yes I am planning to join a cluB)

Your opinion(s) will be very welcome, Thank you.


  • Difficult isnt it . You have got to make sure you are properly warmed up before you start your speed session or you are asking for trouble. Everyone warms up differently.

    If I am going for a speed work session I jog (and I mean jog) for about 10 to 15 mins then have a good stretch then jog again into my speedwork. At the end I jog again for 10 mins then stretch for a very long time (if I can find somewhere out of the weather then jog home.
    Sorry cant help more but every one is different.
    Its just a matter of practise to see how much your sessions are taking out of you.

    If you can limit the session to exclusively speedwork with a warm up/warm down on each end then it should be fine as part of your training schedule.
    Hope this helps a little
  • it is good to integrate the speedwork into the run, but the problem that has arises is already apparent to you. you get tired and the other part of your session looses quality. i know that if you are training for a distance event then you would want to keep your miles high, but the emphasis on doing a good speed session is warranted, and the only real way to do this is keep the speed sesison intensive and exculsive, (unless it's a hilly fartlek run). what you could do is go out early in the morning and do a run of maybe 40 minutes, which you are doing here, and then do your speed wrok about eight hours later, maybe, when you finish work. this leaves a gap, a recovery time, so each session is done whilst you are fresh, but you don't impact on your mileage.

    have you thought of joining a club...................oops, hahaha ;)
  • I just cant do it
    i cant go fast
    See training thread if you want sad truth-Pathetic
  • alky hippo,
    you will just give it some time, i am new at this too and so far i haven't done very well.never mind i am learning and maybe one day i will be better at it.
    incline 2%, that must have been really hard .
    Anyway should we have a speedwork thread every week? to put any comments, suggestions, ideas....?
  • jim the plum & belphast phil,
    Thank You for your comments,suggestions!

    Sound like a good idea I didn't realise I could do that.Will do my speedwork in the morning and the distance in the evening. That sound more relaxing already! only focus on 1 thing at the time, less pressure.
    Thanks again.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    halfM girl -
    I sometimes do my speedwork on the treadmill and am lucky enough that my gym is about 1.25miles away.
    I jog there (quite slowly) as a warm up, stretch,then do another 5 mins on the treadmill as further warm up before doing the reps.
    (Today I've got 6*800 in about 3mins with 200m/1min recoveries)
    Then I stretch again and jog the 1.25 miles home.Sometimes the run home is a struggle but the thought of a hot bath,mars bar and a cup of tea are all the encouragement I need!
    If I do it outside,then I set the watch to 1,2 or 3 minute intervals and do a mile slow,followed by about 30 minutes worth of reps (fast/slow) followed by a mile slow jog home.
    Seems to work ok for me....
  • halfMgirl - good advice above, you shouldn't mix apples and oranges, either do a run or a speed session, don't try to combine them. Properly done, speed work should make you quite tired, (not exhausted) but feeling as though you could have maybe done just one more.
  • Dustin,
    I have thought about it before, try to combine a gym session and running( haven't thought about speedwork). I think my gym is further away than yours but the problem for me was to come back home. I don't want to run carrying a big bag, I thought I could leave a bag at the gym but I only got 1 coat.By the way I don't drive so when I go the gym , I go by bus.
    Sound like a good idea tho.
  • Ironwolf,
    I am agree with you good advice.
    I am a newbie, never follow a schedule before! So when I printed the RW's one, I thought it was a bit hard, so I e-mailed them in december to ask them a few questions about it. I haven't heard from them yet.
    My worries was to add speedwork on a longer run aswell as having an extra run. I thought that was a bit much but then what do i know about running?
    I think that make more sense to separate the speed session and the run, just didn't know I could do it!

    Where would i be without the forum????
  • A suggestion I try to follow on my daily 6 miler is to warm up by running steadily for 10 minutes then put in 12 x 1 minute fast, then return to steady running to warm down.

    You need to concentrate quite hard on those 1 minutes as they can seem like hard work at first. 12 is also a big number when you are on the fourth.

    It will come with time. You will probably find you are doing about a 1/4 mile for each minute.
  • Thanks Unsteady Eddy, 12 is a very very big number for me!
    Ouch!, just read your other thread, I hope you get better soon!
  • Thats my temporary picture
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