RW: Piccy, techie, thingy!

As you can guess from the tilte I'm not at the cutting edge of IT. With the help of my forum friends I've got this image up-loaded, which is a rather good likeness if I may say so but now I've been sent a wicked animated version. I tried to up-load it but it wasn't accepted. Is it my lack of IT skills or does the forum not accept files of moving images? The file is 1K in size.


  • Jason L's moves!
  • Oldbones if you email it to me I'll have a look at it for you...
  • Thanks Jason L - just tried to e-mail you from the forum and I can't see how I can do an attachment. I'll risk my e-mail address here, then you can e-mail it and I'll reply with the attachment. Am I making this all too difficult?
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