Roundhay 5 mile 20th November

Anyone doing this?
And has anyone run it before and can give a brief description of surface, hills and organization?


  • hi bunny
    i might be doing it! :o)
  • Good Rhino!
  • Not run this one before RunnyBunny, but I have run the Pulse Race 5 miler in Roundhay Park that is run some time in June (I think!). Assuming it is the same route, it is run half in the park and half down the streets that border it (Princes Avenue, Park Avenue). That means it is all on tarmaced surfaces - it doesn't go by the lakes (presumably for fear of tired runners accidentally going for a swim). If you know Roundhay Park you'll know there is a sharpish hill heading up to The Mansion, and that is run twice. Overall though it is downhill as you start above the finish line, up above the cricket pitch.

    Organisation-wise I obviously can't comment haveing not run this particular race before.

    As I say this is all information for the race in June but I doubt it will be much different for this one - there are after all only so many paths in the park!

    May well be running this as I live only a mile away, so may see you there.
  • There's a little more information here

    The race is in aid of Barnardos, so should be well organised. Roundhay has just been redeveloped and there's a mixture of gravel and tarmac paths as well as lots of grass to run on. I've no idea of the route though, so it could be all uphill on grass, or totally flat on tarmac.

    It's only a mile from me though, so I'll probably do it.
  • 360 and Lee
    Thanks for information, very appreciated.
    Hope to see you there.

    Let's start a list:

    Rhino (possibly)
  • I had conveniently forgotten about the hill...


    Finished in 40.24 and it was a lovely day with loads of sunshine.
    Well organised too, if only they could have hired a really big iron to flatten that hill...

  • results now up on my site - <a rhef="">click here to view
  • Let's try again - fingers getting worn to stumps at present!

    Results now up on my site - click here to view
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