Trailgauge 2.1 Released

You may be interested to know that I've just released the next version of Trailgauge route planning and measuring software. All you registered users out there should have a recieved a new unlock code by email.

New features include :-

* Ability to edit routes (move points, insert points, delete points, add more points etc.),
* Ability to copy routes,
* Elevation sensitive time predictions using a configurable variation of Naismiths formula,
* Garmin GPS interface to upload routes as tracks and waypoints,
* Ability to download tracklogs from Garmin GPS devices,
* Speed / pace graph with mile or km split times using either predicted times or actual times downloaded from GPS,
* Height map - remembers previously entered elevations and re-uses them on new routes.
* Ability to add named waypoints to routes.
* Publish your routes to a web page including map extract, topographic profile and route card with times, distances and bearings.

There is also a completely free version that does everything that Accuroute and LittleRedFrog does, please see the website for more information :-


  • A big improvement, thanks for the update.

    I'm just about to test the GPS function and take my old yellow eTrex for run, I'll report back later...
  • I've just used the new Trailguage against a Map I downloaded a while Back and it works brilliantly if you're patient enough to zoom in and try and be as accurate as possible with the scale settings and the plotting of the route.

    I found it far easier to plot a route than when using I've calculated 3 routes so far and they are all more or less spot on to the distance I've calculated in the past using a combination of other methods (Car, Map and String and map24).
  • Well I got back from taking my Garmin etrex handheld GPS on one of my usual routes, plugged it into Trailgauge and ...

    it hung - oops wrong com port,

    it works, you get a new route on trailgauge shows you where you've been and you get all the heights. You also get a geat little graph that shows you all the mile split times and your speed in mph throughout the route - good stuff. Amazingly too, the predicted time was only a few seconds different from the actual time.

    Now if I could only think of a convenient way of carrying the etrex instead of holding it in my hand. Maybe I'll improvise an arm strap like the timex using some an old stocking...
  • That feature was mainly for walkers and mountain bikers but I'm glad you like it.
    It is a real pain carrying a GPS, I certainly wouldn't do it for every run.

    On longer runs, if you take a pack like a Camelbak maybe it would go in the top pocket.
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