Crowborough 10K



  • That made the Brighton feel like a walk in the park!
    ... So I was fairly proud to do it only three seconds slower!
    I'll be back!
  • Well done all!

    I did it as my first ever race (aged 51!)...... well since school anyway....and this is my first post too after lurking around for a couple of months. Hopefully my next race(Ashford 10k) will be easier!

    I ran up the hill both times too but would surely have been quicker walking second time around.

    I did go through the ford though -I thought what's a little water by comparison with what the people doing the GRIM are going through!

    Quite pleased with 52.32 (by my watch) first time out - will go for sub 50 next year!
  • Does anyone know when the results get posted online?
  • they are online now.

    I did a 44 min 10k on a flat course the week before, and 56min time for this. The downhill sections make me slow :( I can't run down hill for toffee!
  • where do you find the results online? can't see them on the crowborough runners site!
  • Did this course for the first time today, not an experienced longer distance runner, but do lots sports. managed 52mins, good time for me, but hundreds in front!! The hill, well. i walked some of it, both times, but in all fairness, it wasn't that bad, i'm sure there are much much more wicked hills on some downs to be found. It was a good all round run, more down than up and levels. a Sneaky steep uphill finish thrown in at the end though!!! cheeky!!

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