Beer drinking on the run

I'm doing a run tonight with a group of friends. It will be about 10k in length but we're stopping at a pub every km, drinking a pint of beer (in about 10 minutes) then running to the next pub. So 10 pints in all then. Anyone with any experience of this sort of thing? What would be the best beverage to consume? What would be best to eat beforehand? Oh yeah, and we're in fancy dress. I'm a gorilla.


  • I think you should slowly increase your beerage to 70 pints a week, but at no more than 10% extra per week. I haven't met anyone yet who couldn't to a 10k beer-drinking PB on 70+ pints per week :)
  • Keep away from Guiness. It will take too long to pour.
  • Fair play! I think you'll be fine, I mean, you won't be going for pb or anything will you.

    I once (actually, twice, I think) sailed the Round-Sheppey-Island race with four pints of Purple Nasty strapped to the mast. And one of those times I was 10th out of 300+ boats. Conclusion: It enhances performance.
  • The running part should take about 45 minutes. We are all 32-35 minutes 10K runners. One is actually an ex-international who has run 29:00.

    The drinking part is my concern as some of us are stick insect type runners.
  • depends on the overall distance covered on the event. I'm the 2004 and 2005 winner of an event featuring 14 pubs over 10 miles, you're supposed to have a half pint at each pub but bravado and peer pressure always takes it to whole pint for the last 4-ish pubs.

    I found alternating tipples worked, so lager,bitter,guiness. but if you're a bitter drinker you'd be best off sticking to that as its less gassy - big tip: don't get too exited early on and start sprinting, you wont be able to sustain such effort!!

  • Which event is this ?

    Can it be found in the race diary ?

    We are always looking at new challenges.
  • Sounds a good race Waylon. Can you post up a race report tomorrow when you've finished if you are not too hungover? Reckon it'll be a good'un. We will need splits as well because I'd like to know your km times after the 8th and 9th pints.

    10 pints, 10km, in a gorilla costume LOL LOL LOL :-))

  • Your local real ale will not be gassy and easy to down. Be interesting to know your overall time - I've done 5M and 5 pints in 55 mins, but that was a long time ago.
  • a running and drinking pal told me about this thing called the chunder mile where you have to run 400m, down a pint in one, run another 400m, etc obviously you get disqualified for being sick!
  • agree with Dasdhing,

    a good real ale, not (john smiths/tetly's rubbish)should do the trick, low on gas and easy drinking, don't go for the strong one's though, or you will probably do the last couple of miles, running like an octopus!!
  • ...Dasdhing = Dashing
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Do you think any of these posts will be selected for printing in the next RW issue then? Seems to be a very sensible 'race' for them to focus on.
  • Axe Valley Runners do a mid-summer pub challange 19 (5 pubs). (with an optional 7 mile 1 pub loop). Halfway has a cream tea stop.

    Course record is (i think) 13 pints.

    You can do a second lap.

    It was featured in RW about 5 years ago.

    After 3 pints my memory goes.
  • Should be fine as long as you eat a large bag of peanuts with each pint.
  • Off topic but...

    Isn't it Wayland Snithers instead of Waylon?

    If that is your real name then please excuse me laughing at you.
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